Living Simply #MomLife

Ever since I read A Minimalist Home, I have become more and more mindful of little things in my life.

This October will make two years we have been living as a one car family. Financially, me being one month away from having the twins at the time, it was a no go and not needed. But we will definitely be able to afford a second one soon.

But for now, I think staying a one car family works.

It saves on a car payment, insurance bill, etc. We have an awesome yard at our house and we have tons of outdoor play gear for them (some handed down, some purchased on sale, some gifted). 57122292_10103708346241270_4260388406925721600_nI knew having three kids would be having a tough time managing them alone, especially at the ages they are currently at; 3.5 years old and 1.5 year old twins.57205990_10103709222949340_5459617402809483264_nI used to NEED to go out to a store to get sanity.

Not only was I spending $10-15 I didn’t need to 2-3 times a week (and it usually was a grocery store anyways), I was spending gas, time and stress of managing all three kiddos (while my husband worked 8am-8pm most days).57204003_10103709222989260_1256658760240201728_nNow I get my “me time” by waking up earlier and going to the gym before my husband goes to work. Sometimes life even works out and all kiddos are napping at the same time (hence how I am writing this post).20190318_123302I’ve learned to enjoy more simple things like the scent of candles or my diffuser (tea tree & eucalyptus is my current go to).57348186_10103709222605030_1641395608424022016_n I even slow down and take the time with my cup of coffee. Of course, with three kiddos that doesn’t always work. 😉57504818_10103709221681880_3308526523446722560_nI’m taking the time to enjoy the simple things in life and partly the change of weather plays a huge role; feels like a mindset renewal.57453678_10103709222914410_2556887257868926976_nAs my kiddos grow, I am learning more about myself and the type of person I want to be. Not just as a mom, but as a wife, daughter and friend.57284582_10103709222869500_5860055362937290752_nI just want my kiddos to grow to be happy and healthy people.

To learn how to live simply, manage stress and to deal with any situation that will arise during each stage of their life, especially in the era of social media.57119618_10103709222759720_5855935827875463168_nIt won’t be easy by any means, but by setting the example, plus using tools that my parents taught me, I think they’ll have a good start. ❤

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