Toddler Easter Basket Ideas [1.5 & 3.5 Years Old]

I decided to get a head start on Easter baskets this year because I had a ton of things I purchased last year on clearance.56664557_10103699266766610_827896659026378752_nI wanted to see what I needed – which wasn’t much. It mostly ended up being candy and some “favorite items” of my oldest, who is 3.5 years old.55961979_10103699263857440_8560023619411902464_nMost of these items I got for 50-70% off between Target (T) and Walmart (W). I got the Easter baskets from Target last year as well. I also listed either with a T or W, where I got each item, if you are curious! 56158026_10103699266856430_3842216848955277312_n (1)Again 80% are from last year’s selection. 😉

Here are the things I included in all three of the baskets:

  • Bubbles (W.)
  • Coloring Pad (W.)
  • Play-Doh (W.)
  • Annie’s Bunny Gummies (T)
  • Eggs w/ Chocolate Coins (Dollar Tree)
  • Light Up Bath Duck (W.)
  • Divided Square Plate (T)
  • A New Book
  • Their Favorite Chocolate (Hershey Kisses from the twins, M&M’s for my oldest) (T)

Things for my oldest only:

  • Puzzles (Dollar Tree)
  • Peep Lollipop (T)
  • Chocolate Bunny (T)
  • Socks (T)
  • Yo-Yo (W.)

My oldest is obsessed with Peppa Pig at the moment so I wanted to get her another puzzle (she has 2 already) from Dollar Tree.56236184_10103700223873560_5383836368478666752_nI also found a mermaid puzzle at Dollar Tree plus I have a mermaid book coming in that we ordered at school to add to her basket.

The twins each got a coloring book. 56289385_10103699266691760_4338452426827759616_nSammy got the same one last year, so I opted to stick with puzzles since she is more into that at the moment.56526744_10103699266641860_7344788581791039488_nI also was going to throw in this chick cup from Dollar Tree, but she had seen it (#momfail) and wanted it.56440159_10103699263917320_2875891607272423424_n (1) I told her the Easter bunny left a surprise for her to remind her to behave. 😉

The only other thing we are doing is a mini Egg hunt (outside or indoors depending on the weather). I may end up putting the Hershey Kisses in eggs for the twins along with other little toys/ items for all three.

In total I will have spent under $30 between the few extra things this year at full price and the things from last year’s clearance. I’m excited to get my hands on a few things I’ve seen at Target for the twins next year.56418337_10103699265638870_6801880277212725248_nI just love me some deals! #momofthreelife 😉

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