Spring Is In The Air!

The weather has been so amazing here in New England.

I may have missed my usual Thursday posting schedule this week, but I’m sure y’all excuse me. 😉55961949_10103694301581880_989209153853456384_nWe’ve been going outside every chance we get, enjoying the fresh air [and going through plenty of bubbles]!55949893_10103694301467110_2743202874744897536_nI managed to finish The Minimalist Home and it was seriously so eye opening; even more so than Joshua Becker’s first book. 55759847_10103694301177690_7175269589872279552_nI started on a book on being an introvert only because the cover page caught my eye; “Living a quiet life in a noisy world.56279969_10103694301761520_1299266296105402368_nTotally sounded like me.57462877_10103711651687130_464816341619048448_nI’m trying to focus more on me [to help me be a better parent and spouse; learning to say no and learning to find my daily happiness, especially when routines [and life] can get mundane.


With warmer weather approaching, everyone is trying to get into summer shape! It’s never too late to get a jump on things.56426979_10103696083096710_1361946297203949568_n.jpgI’ve gained a couple of more clients for my bootcamp program this week as they have noticed my progress on my Instagram; nutritiously_sweet.55949075_10103694300728590_7411568953807339520_nI’ve been incorporating more resistance band work in my workouts (and they are super affordable).

I’ll use them alone or do certain machines or exercises (like squats and deadlifts) with the band on. Makes for more a burn!55528696_10103694300798450_1757854677447213056_nSince restarting my program I went from medium sized pants to size small and I’ve lost about 5lbs! 55680162_10103694300758530_2853831121936842752_nI wasn’t intending to lose weight, but it was a nice little plus (I am currently 161lbs).

If you are curious to know about my EIGHT week bootcamp program, shoot me an email at sabrinacl88@gmail.com. 😀

***55961968_10103696085711470_9026521432137400320_nHope everyone had an awesome March; bring on April and spring weather.

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