New Find [and Having Cabin Fever].

I am so over winter.

I think since becoming a parent, winter becomes your longest month. 53926319_10103681080042950_3078815695178301440_nAs a single person without kids, you are free to rest or go out and do activities you like. And if you have kids who are a little older, you can take them places.53521591_10103681079943150_3610828234662346752_nBut the twins are on another level than Sammy; they are very active and love to destroy explore anything and everything.

The library has become hard to do with the three.

I try to just take Sammy or the twins together alone. 53913848_10103682533664880_3326930020223418368_nIt give them some space without a toddler trying to show them how to play with or do everything (although cute) and it gives Sammy a chance to do her own thing.54175223_10103682533639930_1448686872598413312_nSammy is easy to take to the trampoline¬†park or an indoor playground, but with the twins, it’s definitely¬†a challenge or they aren’t ready.

Warmer weather is coming our way, so I can not wait to go for walks and play outside more with the kiddos.
53586685_10103675441866900_8209200618976313344_nI’ve been loving this cauliflower crust from Green Giant. I tried the regular one and opted for the Tuscan because I enjoy tons of spices.53551253_10103681080147740_2902601081173311488_nI did add more spices to it as well plus some spinach, pizza sauce and one string cheese.54142990_10103681080107820_3287672017683218432_nIt came out so good!

Initially¬†I was going to eat only half of it but at 80 calories for 1/4 of the square and the fact that it was so delicious, I couldn’t contain myself.53813241_10103681080003030_8879203096106893312_nDon’t get me wrong, I still love the Caulipower pizza…50258948_10103641373844490_2093888254351769600_nThis crust is just cheaper and since I’m not too big on cheese, I can make it more saucy and add a light amount of cheese.53480619_10103681080072890_7459060331344560128_nBoth can be found an Walmart or Target; definitely¬†give them a try!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. ‚̧

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