Spring Decluttering & Happenings

Today is the beginning of lent [if you follow]…

I’ve been reflecting a lot of what I wanted to do this year for lent. Being a mom has caused me to many times forget about “myself.”53586685_10103675441866900_8209200618976313344_n.jpg I’m sure many of y’all can relate to this. #momlife 😉

While I do plan to give up Splenda (my vice), I want to focus more on more gaining calming moments for myself and really dedicate time to more reading every week (even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day).53188042_10103675442176280_7605600853092728832_nIf I don’t get to read one day, that’s okay…

I want to create the habit and read at least five times a week. If I don’t make it to five, I won’t sweat it. The goal is to try to do something for me every day of the week whether it’s reading, working out or catching up on YouTube videos.

The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker has been an amazing read so far. I do consider myself a minimalist but I really want to focus the next 40 days on what I want to be as a minimalist and what it means to me.53740577_10103675442136360_2222296966069485568_nNow that the twins are older and need less toys/ items, it’s been easier to declutter; things such as baby bottles, drying rack, teethers, etc.53169423_10103675442375880_2499548546819162112_nSince we had a snow day this week and no plans to leave the house, I figured it was a perfect time to get started on spring cleaning.53467215_10103675441767100_2407022032001695744_nThe kitchen and bathroom were my first targets as I got rid of all those “baby essentials” we no longer use. Since I am in the kitchen probably 70% of the day, I wanted it to be a calming space, free of clutter.53006813_10103675441807020_5659699016934359040_nI also removed a few decor pieces in both spaces that no longer “sparked joy” when I looked at them. On that note, if you have read Marie Kondo’s book or seen her series on Netflix, definitely do so. 53517208_10103675441946740_4399685762681929728_nThe living room and kids room is always an on going project [toy wise] between birthdays and holidays. We do our best to rotate toys and keep an eye on what the kiddos play with. 53248385_10103675442106420_4183213836095979520_nWe have a basket of toys that need repairs, so I thought it was a perfect time to see what could be fixed or what couldn’t and should be tossed.53509532_10103675442066500_9001404012418826240_nThe next rooms I want to tackle are our bedroom and laundry room. Our closest has not been touched since we moved almost a year ago, so I know we are due for some purging. 53685656_10103676447955690_108824283618213888_n.jpgIn the laundry room, we have some cabinets with a ton of random things/ missing socks that I just need to toss what we really don’t use up there.

Once the whether is nicer, the shed will be the last to tackle. 38778002_10103495399208830_716557100825706496_oA clutter free home is not only good for your mind, it’s good for the kiddos too. I find that when the house is clutter free, the kiddos play and learn better. ❤53236730_10103675442226180_2029787886093598720_nHope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week!


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