Kids Room Update (Winter 2019)

In today’s post, I am sharing a bit of an update on the kid’s room and sharing some other spaces in the home.

I did a brief post about it HERE but it has been slightly updated since then.

The reason I like to rearrange random things [here and there] is too see how the kids play best.

I tried their toy kitchen in their room vs the living room and they seemed to play with it way more when it’s in the living room.51830160_10103658442683400_4207212459783618560_nThe doll house and well as the book shelf items, in it’s current position has also been the most used way.+Since Sammy (3.5 yrs old) is now able to use the ladder for her bunk bed, she didn’t need to have the toy chest to step up.

The white toy chest we use for storing dolls and random electronic toys. 52326936_10103658442823120_4612730580243578880_nIn the closet, I have a rolling cart with books that I rotate out into the bookshelf or in the living room book basket.

Most of the toys in the above shelves in the closest are “learning items” such as puzzles, magnets, stationary items and such.52323636_10103658442783200_8006301227132387328_nHarry is still in the pack and play since he is way to adventurous for his own good, while Ally is in the toddler bed.

She barely moves when she sleeps and is just how Sammy was (ready to ditch the crib earlier than normal). 52063589_10103658442873020_4928168161171210240_nThe living room from Christmas hasn’t changed much, although we do now have a train table (which is why I moved the kid’s yellow table back to the room).49204512_10103622225692540_5292120249565446144_nThe kitchen is probably my second favorite space in the house. 52001224_10103659613786500_8881561011677560832_nI kept it simple and don’t plan to put much more decor until the spring/ summer comes where I’ll put more greenery.

My first favorite space is my desk area. It brings me peace and since it’s in a nook, it makes me feel like I have my own little getaway within my own room.48402823_10103613329440700_1421880070443630592_nEspecially with new kitties, they have taken over the bed.bed #catmomlife 😀


And while I’m here, I had to throw this picture of Sammy as a [somewhat] 100 year old on the 100th day of school.100 dayIt wasn’t an 100th day for her (since she only goes 2-3 times a week), but she had fun dressing up and putting lipstick.51748963_10103658442573620_8092446318196162560_nHope y’all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! 

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