What I Eat In A Day [2019]

If you haven’t read my first three posts in this “four part eating series,” go check them out here:

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If you read the second article, you know I mainly do “intermittent fasting” [or IF for short] in a “14/10” split. Simply put, I “fast” for 14 hours and eat for 10.

I try to make sure my last meal is at 7:00pm and I eat my first meal at 9:00am (especially since some days I wake up at 4:45am).


6:00am: If I am not working or my husband is off, I like to get in my workout before the husband goes to work.51811970_10103653540282850_2181744645069864960_nI used to workout during nap times, but naps have been so inconsistent after the twins turned one, so now I get out of the house to do them.

7:15am: I fuel with some BCAAs post workout, especially since I won’t be eating right away. That way my muscles get something for recovery.

9:00am: I usually still have “breakfast,” such as pancakes or oatmeal with nuts/ seeds [as I need all the carbs and fat to fuel me].

For this day I did a Kodiak Cake pancakes with chia seeds, natural peanut butter and blueberries (always coffee & a banana on the side).51402314_10103648707757270_3678364215980064768_nMy first snack is around 11:30 am; it’s almost always popcorn. After I got lunch going for the little ones.2bAs the kiddos are eating, I start to think of lunch for myself. I usually eat something with them and then have my main meal after I clean up.

2:00pm: For lunch this day, I had the same meal I had for dinner the night before: Boca veggie burger patty with green beans and black beans.51739651_10103653540143130_6585973933395148800_n3:00pm: Snack time; Snapeas & string cheese or a yogurt is most often on the menu.51211640_10103648707991800_8650086145851392000_n4:00pm: Second coffee of the day. Most days I have two cups, but sometimes it can be three. #NoShame 😉51042650_10103644052431580_6084119382953295872_n.jpg6:30pm: Dinner can be as basic as another veggie burger/ other protein source with some form of “carb.” Sometimes, I get fancy.52123749_10103653540487440_5056156408475549696_nI had two soft tacos with lean ground beef, Roma tomatoes and a bit of pineapple. I also had some white rice and salad on the side.

7:00pm: Dessert? Surprise, I often don’t have dessert anymore. I try to make dinner filling enough. 50271430_10103636307642200_7484582830903656448_nBut on the occasions that I do have dessert, it’s usually a bit of a low-calorie ice-cream like Halo Top or Breyers Delights.

If you are curious, the macros I like to roughly stick to are 1970 calories, 222g carbs, 99g protein and 77g of fat. This works for ME but may not work for you, always ask your doctor before starting an caloric/ diet/ lifestyle change.


That sums up this “what I ate in a day,” post! I try to do more here and there but most of my days are spent with the kiddos or taking pictures of the kiddos. #momlife!

Have a great weekend y’all! 🙂

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