My Top 5 Snacks + More!

I’m going to be sharing [over the course of a few blog posts] my eats and about how I combine intuitive eating with intermittent fasting and how I lost over 15lbs in about 5 months without trying.50170683_10103633418362340_2230468918739206144_nI’ll definitely end it with a “what I eat in a day” so y’all can see it in full force.

For now we are tackling snacks. 50537127_10103636307547390_2366294557940776960_nI am a big snacker… #NoShame.

When I started my weight loss journey, I took the approach of eating 5-6 small meals to keep myself from over eating at the next meal. It worked amazing for me (hence me losing over 100lbs at the time).49766478_10103636307592300_8587862115660857344_nI still follow that approach to this day and partly due to mom life, but partly due to the fact that I like to have a variety of eats.

My top FIVE snacks are:

  1. Snapea Crisps
  2. Greek Yogurt (usually Fage or Chobani’s new low sugar line)
  3.  Mixed Nuts
  4. RX or Quest Bars
  5. Angie’s Boom Chikka Pop Popcorn (has to be GMO-free since I am allergic to NON-GMO popcorn)

Other snacks I do are apples w/ peanut butter (any fruit really), string cheese and Special K protein cereal. 50626164_10103636307751980_4709046497461665792_nFor a sweet tooth I like Breyer’s Delights low calorie vanilla ice cream, Halo Top’s Peanut Butter or dark chocolate.50271430_10103636307642200_7484582830903656448_nI craved a ton of diet soda during both pregnancies and from time to time, I’ll still drink it. But since I have spotted these on sale I’ll do the Zevia cola or ginger ale when I’m craving it.50080193_10103636307672140_1131273765628411904_nSome of these, the kiddos will have too, such as the Snapeas, fruit with nut butter and yogurt. For more on my toddler’s snack, click HERE.

Does coffee count as a snack too? #Totally #Momlife 😉 41662400_10103527043443530_258725707469815808_o***

Hope y’all are had a wonderful weekend and stay work if you are in one of those places where the high is going to be ONE whole degree. #Brr!

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