Dealing With Fibromyalgia

This past July, I got a foot injury that changed the course of my life.

Sounds funny to say it that way but it’s true.

I had a version of plantar faciatis called “Plantar fibroma or fibromatosis.” There was basically a node at the bottom of my foot that made it extremely painful and nearly impossible to walk.49515810_10103622237084710_4222405374017273856_nI stopped teaching for almost a month. I also stopped working out and most days were spent on the couch only getting up when I absolutely needed. TMI but I’d skip showers to avoid standing and I only went to the bathroom when I just couldn’t hold it anymore.

It was awful.

I went to physical therapy (PT) for over a month and nothing was helping. My physical therapist was surprised that I wasn’t improving even with PT, reduces pressure on my foot and shoe changes.

It got to a point where I just couldn’t “mom” anymore. I couldn’t even work and do the job that I love that requires me to be active.

I started feeling pain amplified in places that had hurt (shoulders, neck, chest and lower back). Even my hands were starting to feel pain for diaper changes. I was already “over” my postpartum depression and felt myself falling depressed again.

I ended up going to the doctor and we talked for almost an hour.

She said it sounded like my depression was ultimately coming from pain (and not that I just felt useless as a mom/ person). We talked fibromyalgia because it was something I had wondered ever since I had my surgery in 2014.

She said if that was the case the medication (Cymbalta) would work within 2-3 weeks and remove all pain. After a month of being on the medication, I was to check in my primary doctor.49556700_10103622228337240_6809856177510285312_nAfter a week and a half, I started to feel a bit better and walking wasn’t so painful. It wasn’t until week three that I felt pain-free. I was able to workout again to my fullest and even toyed around with “bodybuilding” workouts (and I hadn’t really since that surgery in 2014).

I wasn’t feeling those weird painful surges in my body anymore either. It was as if I was a completely new person [or like my old “body” before surgery and kids had returned].49067520_10103622228307300_5840426417501765632_nAfter talking to my doctor he was very happy/ shocked that I was feeling better on Cymbalta. I had been going through so many different testings to see what was going on and everything was constantly coming back negative.

Fibromyalgia is pretty much last resort when all testing fails. Although this past summer was one of the worst summers, I am pretty sure it will never be that way again, knock on wood. 😉

Although I have to be on this medication forever, my life has improved drastically. It’s been almost six months on it and I am never looking back. I am back to reading and doing little things that I couldn’t do because of being in pain.

I can tell that my kids, especially the three year old, notice a difference in me. Work has been fantastic and this year I plan to add more classes back to my schedule. 49545917_10103622266191380_426463529206284288_nWhy? Because not only do I love what I do, but I feel confident and strong once again. I want my kids to experience the best version of me as they can possibly get. 

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