*Updated* Mom Life Weekly Routine

Can you tell the holiday season got to me?48377500_10103611705864360_2322728634483212288_nThere has been a ton going on between the holidays, work, preschool plus an impromptu NYC trip! Obviously, blogging was put on the back burner.

Hopefully once the new year rolls around, I can get back into the swing of posting at least once a week.


Since moving from our apartment into our house back, I’ve developed a slightly new weekly routine, especially since we have a laundry room now. No need to head to the basement of the apartment complex [and brave the cold].

Mondays my husband now works 8:00am to 8:00pm. It was hard to get use to him going back to the longer shifts [postpartum after the twins].

It’s also one of my non-workout (or rest) days. I do homeschooling with the toddler and for the most part, we stay home this day and I do light cleaning.48388164_10103611706024040_2560215720084373504_nTuesdays; In the mornings, I still usually go work out at Pure Barre for the 5:30am class. I’ll also go enjoy some coffee and “me time” after. I head back home in time for the hubs to leave for work [7:30am].

The toddler goes to preschool on Tuesdays so while she is there I get some alone time with the twins plus do some light cleaning around the house.48409113_10103611706088910_5837186977073463296_nOnce I pick the toddler up, we usually go to the library, watch movies or do arts & crafts. I try to make Tuesdays a pretty easy day for myself before I work on Wednesday.

Wednesdays; Mama works until 2:00pm. During my break, I usually workout or catch up on any errands that need to be done.

Thursdays is my second work day (until 2:00pm as well). During my break on this day, I’ll workout, read or catch up on any work.Fridays: This is the hubs second 8:00am-8:00pm work day. It is also another rest day as well as the toddler’s second preschool day.

On this day I get our Walmart Grocery pick up order ready (so that the hubs can pick it up Sunday) and go to the local super market for fresh items.48430268_10103613341825880_4360814706630328320_nSaturdays is our only “family day” since the hubs and I are both off. Sometimes I will take a Pure Barre class, but most times I will workout at home. The hubs usually takes the toddler to “toddler time” at the trampoline park.

It’s perfect for them to spend some one on one time together. I’m able to workout and clean the house while the twins nap. It’s amazing how fast you can clean the house when there are no babies or toddlers running around. 😉

Sundays are my “deep clean-meal prep-cook” day. I tackle every room in the house and get everything scrubbed down and disinfected. 48378732_10103611705754580_298307898436485120_nIn the fridge, I toss any “bad/ expired food (rarely any),” see what we have and give it a good scrub down.

The “meal planning” I do while the kiddos nap (on my new desk/ work area). I’ll check what we already have, plan some meals and prep rice, oats and maybe some muffins for breakfasts.48402823_10103613329440700_1421880070443630592_nIn total, my Friday and Saturday cleaning takes about 45 minutes to an hour (not including the laundry time washing/ drying or shopping if needed). Sundays are about an hour to two total.46450890_10103583208168970_8527100908381667328_nI used to try to tackle everything in one day… which is obviously not realistic. 

I’ve learned to take the day as it comes and give myself a break if things don’t go “according to plan.”

Life will go on, promise. 😉


If you want to check out some other routines, check out the links below!

Happy Holidays to you all! ❤

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