Twins Turn ONE!

Can y’all believe it?

The twins officially turned one year old this past Monday. 46279475_10103580903248050_6515077573960007680_n.jpgI still have not even written their birth story. Perhaps one day right? #secondchildproblems.

Harrison (born first at 3:28pm) is about 19lbs and 29 inches long. He also has EIGHT teeth! He loves bananas and spinach & ravioli pasta as well as playing with cars and banging his new toy drum. 46170024_10103580903322900_7367738980055384064_nAllison (born at 3:33pm) is about 17.5lbs and 27 inches long. She only has five teeth which is pretty much what Samantha had at one year old. 45882961_10103580903437670_7324445958819807232_nHarrison has been standing and taking a few steps here and there but hasn’t quite mastered walking. Allison can figure out baby puzzles and just started pulling herself up a month ago.46002434_10103580903218110_1808269862561120256_nShe is definitely a bit weaker in the legs but makes up for it in brain power. ❤46095563_10103580903477590_717746961385521152_nI can’t wait to see what this year brings! Love you both ❤

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