I’m bummed that Halloween is over but at least it’s still Fall. ❤45170175_10103571149339960_6969190461940432896_nWe had such a fun “first” Halloween as a family of five!
45157106_10103571149305030_3631125051807367168_nOur toddler was a ladybug and the twins were “skelebabies.”45188689_10103571149075490_3980272280558108672_nMy work had a Halloween party on Monday for the kiddos and I was able to let the twins loose in the gym. 45153582_10103571149110420_3603859946577330176_nEveryone had fun and the twins got some extra attention. #twinmomlife 😉45154487_10103571149240160_710896080526508032_nNot sure what is going on with this weather but it’s been a bit warmer than normal. 

I got these really pretty mums a while ago for the front; I couldn’t resist.43747887_10103552029800670_7542397836646678528_nOur toddler loves the flowers and says hello to them every time.

It’s so sweet!

With the toddler going to Preschool on Tuesdays and Fridays, I’m trying to divide my work between both days. One day I’ll deep clean (usually an hour) and get work done. 43666928_10103552030264740_1298893325440385024_nOn the other day I’ll get a workout in. It varies week to week but that’s what I try to do on both days since the twins nap during the toddler’s school hours.43590341_10103552030319630_6133479694034534400_nI’ve been getting back into the swing of working out and finding a good routine as a part-time stay at home mom and part-time working mom. 45196951_10103571182947610_8138457392305143808_nI’ll be sharing a post on our currently daily routine soon.45153552_10103571183077350_7846651400044937216_nHope everyone had a Happy Halloween.

Til the next post! 🙂

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