Things I’m Loving!

September is officially over! Like where did it even go?42662801_10103540434033680_2691828142397456384_o.jpgOctober is one of my favorite months. Fall weather at it’s prime, pumpkin everything (and everywhere), chilly nights and Halloween.41793154_10103528223264160_5553430775728177152_nI’m absolutely loving all the cozy feels, hot coffee and crisp days.42727197_10103540435221300_5163152754012585984_n.jpgOh, and if you missed my Fall decor post, CLICK HERE to check it out!42615296_10103540434747250_674597048460247040_n***

We are trying to soak up this beautiful weather each day [as long as it doesn’t rain].42604188_10103539106329410_4131519712800538624_nWe even made it to apple picking last week. 42622681_10103539106653760_7421176838598164480_nThe toddler had a blast and the weather was perfect.42611747_10103539106484100_797218003983794176_nSpeaking of fresh air…. I love that it’s still nice out to workout outside. It’s definitely one of my favorite feelings.42648979_10103539107467130_3609409250482192384_nI’m either working out to one of my routines or doing Barre3 online workouts.

I’ve been doing Barre3 for a few months and I absolutely love it to supplement my Tabata/ HIIT workouts.42608141_10103540225781020_664535688137408512_nI’m down 12lbs and fit into my pretwins clothes – yay [for plaid]! I’m only 3lbs away from prebaby weight but the scale doesn’t really matter to me as much anymore.

If you are interested in my online coaching program, feel free to shoot me an email at

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall season! Until the next post. 🙂

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