Fall Decor & Decluttering!

I’ve been loving decorating our new home for fall with a more “minimalist approach.”41556957_10103525907564840_193881107278594048_n[White pumpkin above from Target]

I also did rearranging to help “spruce up” the home too as you may be able to tell [from this previous post].41658987_10103527043378660_6827600667389984768_nThis Birch candle I got from Big Lots. “Woods-like scents” are my favorite for fall! 41512421_10103525907604760_6601022541022625792_oI didn’t want to go crazy spending money since our goal is to try and save. There have been a ton of items I’ve wanted to buy, but I’ll just wait til they are on sale. 

[Mug from Target, pumpkin from Walmart]41662400_10103527043443530_258725707469815808_oLike this wooden galvanized chicken I picked up from Hobby Lobby. 41658974_10103527103553070_4076511300681728000_nI think it originally was $19.99 and I ended up getting it for under $5. Although it was considered a “summer item,” it fit perfectly with my farm house style decor.41313749_10103522014506560_3844833029499387904_nMost of the flowers, vases, small candles, I purchased from Dollar Tree. I’d say in total I spent under $25 on “fall decor.”

I had this white pumpkin “Give Thanks” sign from a couple of years ago (might have been Kohl’s). and the farm fresh sign was from Walmart (thanks mom)!41654571_10103527043328760_2478180354377121792_nI also did a bit of rearranging in the kids room since some of the floor vents were covered during the summer.41538339_10103525907714540_454043004567552000_o I decluttered some of their toys (just pack some away, we like to alternate). The toddler definitely likes this set up better of her bed, especially since there is more light coming in from the window.41514552_10103525907799370_7245037279146672128_nI’m waiting to go pumpkin picking to snag some more pumpkins for the front and maybe add a few more “fall” pieces outside.41661033_10103527043802810_7602087595614404608_nHope everyone is has a fantastic rest of the week and happy [almost] Fall! 🙂

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