End of Summer [2018]

I’m so happy the weather has been feeling more “fall like.” I do love me some sweater weather and of course, pumpkin season.


The twins had their first real beach day a couple of weeks ago. 41222142_10103522015294980_1016240398114226176_nWith my foot injury in July (a long post for another day), we were not able to do much towards the end of summer. But I was so thankful my parents came up for Labor day weekend to hang with us!41213369_10103522015359850_6706694889876226048_nMama did manage to “make it up” by booking a Great Wolf Lodge trip. They had a deal for $99+ per night on specific days.41280431_10103522012909760_7536585680743301120_n.jpgI usually wait around anyways for this email to book a trip. I have never paid more than $139 per night. Prices can be over $300 when there are no good deals.

For our family, Great Wolf is perfect! 41330035_10103522012964650_6540693304374198272_nI love that it’s contained, no glaring sun, plenty of life guards everywhere and if you need to go to your room, you have easy access. I did a review before but I always highly recommend bringing food/ snacks; it can be pricey and add up fast!40995563_10103519487246210_7005433672316747776_nThis time we brought items to make sandwiches for lunch the next day and opted for the breakfast buffet (which is discounted when you book and order online) and snagged fruit there for a snack later.41165866_10103519487470760_5547976553809313792_nTraveling with kids is hard, but I have posted in the past on some tips that have helped us when it was just the toddler. The same applies with the twins, it’s just a matter of doubling up on EVERYTHING.

Lastly, one of our other final “summer activities” was the Balloon Festival in NH. 41302197_10103522014551470_2180133267829686272_nIt was definitely cool to see the Hot Air Balloons up close. The toddler wasn’t too fond of the Balloons at first, but she did warm up to it towards the end.41244235_10103522015260050_1092330811824275456_nAnd that’s a wrap for our end of summer [2018]. Next summer the twins will be walking and that is going to be a whole other ball game. 😉40534861_10103516227174420_6514815306077044736_nExcited to for Fall and Halloween (especially because it’s all Sammy has been talking about since last Halloween) and #pumpkinEVERYTHING!

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