Currently: De-cluttering & Toy Organization

As summer is coming to a “close,” I’ve been doing a ton of “spring” cleaning…38065517_10103486141885580_1781159934499487744_nI started going through my fall and winter boxes that I had for the kiddos and found that I really didn’t need much.

The toddler is good, as I stocked up for her during last winter’s clearance deals.38778002_10103495399208830_716557100825706496_oAlly just needs a couple of long sleeve items since Samantha was in spring/ summer at her size. Ally is almost nine months and is a size 9-12 and Harry is 12-18 months.38786263_10103495399997250_2300149763774873600_nFor him, we have some clothes from friends, family as well as some stocking I did during last winter clearance too! #clearancelady 😉38797484_10103495399637970_7641531411324731392_nI’ve also gone through the toys… kids toys are always so chaotic.

I feel like I just organized the toys.

Well to be fair, we moved into the house in late March so I guess 4ish months isn’t bad that it was somewhat decent. We now USE the toy box and if you remember from a previous post, it’s where I stored toys that were NOT in use.38071624_10103486141800750_3682990320959619072_nNow that the toddler knows how to open the it, it’s not practical for “non-use” storage anymore. 38130803_10103486141710930_505039479145234432_nI took out the toys she didn’t really use/ wasn’t appropriate for the twins just yet, and stored them in our back shed. 38247298_10103486141745860_4726197633314455552_nI’ll definitely rotate toys (as I do with books) and it will feel brand new! I’ve started to do it with the twins too and it makes all the difference.38085365_10103486141506340_8574922044917940224_n***

We also had all three kiddos in the same room last month. 

We decided since Harry still wakes up in the middle of the night (1-2 times), we put him back into our room and put the kitchen back in “kids” room.38204071_10103486142409530_5887018815434260480_nSo far that has been great! #winning 😀

Now that things are tidied up (for the most part), we need to hit the beach, pool and raspberry picking again before the summer ends.

What are some your plans during the last few weeks of “summer?”

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