Twins {8 Months Old}

So much has changed since my last post about the kiddos. ❤36913014_10103464583528700_6853943170695168_n (1).jpgHarrison is full on crawling (started at end of month 6) and can lift himself to stand. It’s a constant battle to make sure he doesn’t fall on his head! His balance is getting much better day by day.

Ally is not there yet with crawling, but she does pivot and do a back crawl. I love watching both of them progress but they do it so differently and I find it fascinating. 36816334_10103464583593570_902011473679613952_nAlly chews her food better than Harry and prefers “regular food” like eggs and chicken. Harry has been more into purees like sweet potato, pear and pineapple purees.

They both love a smidge of peanut butter on a wheat wrap piece.36863480_10103464776127730_5214237073556373504_nAlly can also eat solo with pouches.  It just amazed me how different they are! 37037728_10103468563842120_5595797183539445760_nThe rice rusk teething cookies have been very helpful and even bread works. Harry has his two bottom teeth and Ally has one bottom tooth just about poking through.

They both dislike teethers which is funny to compare to their big sis. She LOVED teethers and we had a ton for her… and now useless. #momlife 😉36864573_10103464588528680_5407523095936237568_nWe also did their baptism at 8 months old. HarrisonAllisonBaptismJuly2018-4They behaved so well, I was highly impressed! The service was much better then Sammy’s and more relaxed for the kiddos.HarrisonAllisonBaptismJuly2018-5 The church that we found is very young family/ kid oriented, so we were very excited to have found it!HarrisonAllisonBaptismJuly2018-18That wraps up our 6-8 month update on the twins. Next one will be the ONE YEAR update. That is insane… it’s less than 4 months away!

Time sure does fly when you have kids.

2 thoughts on “Twins {8 Months Old}

  1. Loved your family picture. God bless your kids.
    Can’t even imagine nurturing two babies at the same time. Rearing the twins must be so challenging, yeah? But I’m sure you’ll reap double the amount of happiness in return. Touchwood!


    1. Thank you! It is extremely hard. I have the hardest time with that. I wish I could give them the same attention I gave the first but it’s so divided. I try to give them each something each day but make it a point that every day I spend more time with one (usually the one who avoids naps lol).


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