7 Ways We Are Saving Money!

There are a ton of articles and YouTube videos online on ways to save money.

It is important to note that many of these videos may only work for certain people. For example, not everyone has a house or kids, so those aspects may not apply to you.36815445_10103464776082820_1001593159475527680_nFrom all the articles or videos I’ve watched over the last few months, I wanted to share the ways OUR family is trying to save money/ pay off debt:

  1. Run your washer/dryer/ dishwasher at night: These chug a ton of electricity and did you know electricity is cheaper at night? I looked up the rates for our company and it was over a 10 cent difference to use electricity during “peak” hours (ours are 7am-8pm).
    • We just implemented this, so I’m curious to see what the cost difference will be over then next couple of months.
  2. Use cash: Lately I’ve been taking out cash for the week and sticking to it. It forces me to think twice over impulse purchases. If I have any left over, it goes straight into the piggy bank.
  3. Eliminate temptation: Whether it’s deleting emails from your favorite clothing store that informs you of sales or an app – just delete it. I recently deleted my Starbucks app!
    • Now I do go here and there but it’s not like I’m adding $40 a month just because. I maybe now spend $10-$12 and re-download the app when I do go. Plus my work has a killer Espresso machine for free.36954696_10103467147530420_1082811261625827328_n
    • Cutting out those emails can avoid impulse spends. Just because your favorite store is having a 50% off deal, doesn’t mean you need to buy something.
  4. Grocery shop online: I have found this to be extremely helpful. Half the time I forget my list or buy other items I didn’t intend to go into the store for.
    • I use Walmart Grocery and it has been such a lifesaver, not only in time, but for money. I shop what’s on sale and I grab ONLY what’s on my list.
  5. Cut down on dining out: When the twins were born, we were big on dine outs or quick meals. But now that things have gotten a “tad” easier, we have the time to cook more.
    • We only dine out twice a week and one time is usually a pizza deal in our area which is $7.99 for a large pie.
  6. Cancel your cable: We just have internet and use Hulu, Netflix and sometimes YouTube. We like to watch America’s got talent and we just need to wait the next day to watch an episode. #NoBigDeal.
  7. Cancel Your Gym Membership: Don’t get me wrong, I love taking in-studio classes. But I looked back at my account one day and I realized I spent over $1,000 in a year and a half. I could have paid off part of my credit card with that.37027483_10103467147655170_1148514400009715712_n
    • I am finishing up any classes I have left and either doing something at home (there are so many apps and YouTube videos) or if I really want to do a Pure Barre class, I use their online version.
    • If you need a gym, shop around and find a cheaper rate or wait for deals, especially during holidays.

Other tips:

  1. Buy second hand when you can (especially kids clothes and toys).
  2. Set a monthly budget.
  3. Borrow books/ DVDs from library instead of purchasing new ones.
  4. Staycations!
  5. Fruit picking for a summer afternoon date (pack a lunch, save some money and get exercise). It’s even good for the kiddos too and bonus if you have a farm that does picking per pound! Enjoy the sunshine and time with a loved one.36919084_10103466180453450_5753412488913747968_n
  6. Search your area for free or cheap local activities. You can join a Facebook group for your town and usually can find out about local activities there. And kids don’t really need you to spend tons of money to be entertained.
    • Once a week the kiddos and I go to Whole Foods and get a cranberry muffin; Sammy eats half and the twins eat the leftovers. Sammy loves playing with the trucks and I get to chill for almost an hour before errands. #winwin 😉36952658_10103467147749980_6526378436074668032_nFor more cheap/ free activities for kids, click THIS post for more info!

Again, some of these tips may not apply to you or your lifestyle but these are just a few things that our family has done/ is doing to save money and work on getting rid of debt.

Question: What are some of your tips to save money?!


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