TOL #13: Mom Life: “Weekly Routine”

One day away from Friday… Friday the 13th to be exact!

*Cue spooky music*

Any who, as I mentioned before, my work schedule has dwindled down more to avoid too much pressure on my leg. With my hours shortened, it’s been on my mind to share with y’all my new weekly “routine” since I am now at home more then at work.

This routine is what working two days a week looks like as a “part-time” stay at home mom. Getting into a routine helps build good habits and keeps mama sane.

Mondays aka family day: My husband and I don’t do any crazy cleaning on this day (or Saturdays) besides the basics. We do breakfast or something simple with what ever is left over in the fridge for dinner since grocery shopping is done on Tuesdays.21753271_10103171653328170_5183275201569820216_oTuesdays: In the mornings, I usually (last week was my last!) go work out at Pure Barre [5:30am] and enjoy some coffee and “me time” after. I head back home in time for the hubs to leave for work [7:30am].listI break down the cleaning between three days so I’m not doing it all in one shot. Plus I’m eight months pregnant and only have SO much energy. 😉

Regardless of what day it is, I’ll do any dishes (with this soap) and clean the kitchen after Sammy eats breakfast. I then make a list of anything that needs to get done. Tuesdays is laundry (one load) and grocery shopping day.21686365_10103171116154670_2535651322312839546_nTuesdays is also pizza night. A spot near us has a “beat the clock between 5-8pm.” The time you call is the price you pay. Obviously, mama doesn’t cook on this day. 😉

Wednesdays: Mom goes to work until 8:00pm. During my break, I usually blog, read or run errands if we need anything. Dad will cook and get any household things done.

Thursdays: Sammy and I go to story time at the library at 10:30am, so the morning is “busy.” During the afternoon, I’ll sweep and cook early. I also vacuum the living room and Sammy’s bedroom [as those are the only two places with a rug].21762325_10103169342299490_8282209215757452896_oFridays: Mom and dad both work while Sammy goes to playschool! Depending on the day, Pat or myself will take her in the morning. I usually get out of work before 3:00pm then head to get Sammy.

Once we are home, we take it easy. Dinner is usually something easy like a rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes or stir-fry steak in a wrap.

Saturdays is another family day and was also my second day to get a Pure Barre class in (too pregnant now). I would go to the 7:00am class, grab Starbucks and head home to relax with the family.

We’d either go fruit-picking, farmer’s market, the park, visiting my in-laws, have a date night… you get the idea. 😉parkNow we are getting festival and doing various fall activities at our local library!

Sundays I call my “deep clean-meal prep-cook” day. I tackle the kitchen, fridge, bathroom and living room (using this cleaner). For deep cleaning in the kitchen, I scrub down the stove, microwave and cabinets.21618019_10103171116124730_2642515715086589343_nFor the fridge, I toss any “bad/ expired food (rarely any),” see what we have and give it a good scrub down. In the bathroom, I tackle the toilet, floor and sink. My husband takes care of the bath tub when he comes home from work.

We only do two loads of laundry a week (lights and darks using this detergent), so this is my next day to get the other half done while I clean our home. The “meal planning” I do while Sammy is napping. I’ll check what we already have, plan dinner and my grocery list for the week.21765279_10103171116069840_5854505582740454933_nNow this may seem like I am cleaning forever, but trust me I am not. In total, my Tuesday and Thursday cleaning takes about 45 minutes (not including the laundry time washing/ drying or shopping).

Sundays about an hour (again not including laundry time).listI used to try to tackle everything in one day… that’s just not realistic. As a mom you have to cut yourself some slack, especially when you don’t finish your entire “to do” list!

Life goes on… 😉

Today, I’m linking up with Amanda over at Running With Spoons for thinking out LOUD Thursdays. Thinking-Out-LoudThanks for hosting!


If you want to check out more on the toddler’s routine check out the links below:

8 thoughts on “TOL #13: Mom Life: “Weekly Routine”

  1. I LOVE routines and weekly to do’s. I have a very similar schedule with cleaning and cooking, but no kids yet. I do find though it’s sometimes fun to break my schedule and do something out of the ordinary, like pick up dinner out or run some errands after work. Happy Thursday!

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    1. Haha!! 🙂 We minimized our clothes a ton before we moved where we currently are a year ago. My husband has a work uniform, so they wash his shirts and he has 3 work pants, as do I. I’m a fitness instructor and have about 3-5 shirts that I rotate in the week. My daughter has become a much cleaner toddler these days so we don’t go through clothes much and she “gets dressed” 2-3 times a week otherwise it’s PJs at home. Now with the twins we have bumped up to three loads since they are super messy, but same with them they have about 5-8 outfits per size right now. I’m sure that will change as they get older and messier. 🙂


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