“Day In The Life” – Mommy & Toddler Edition

It’s that time of the week… “hump”day!

Many of you guys enjoyed my previous “day in the life of post with my toddler during the summer, that I decided to do a “fall edition.”

My schedule has drastically changed from then to now. I am down to working mainly two days a week. I’ll also be sharing my routine a bit more, AS WELL AS Sammy’s.


5:30am: Mommy went to workout early! I sipped some coffee after at Starbucks, did some blog work and reading.20170905_0610297:00am: Good morning Sammy 🙂

After a few minutes of “good mornings” and cuddles, it’s time for a quick diaper change. We let her run around and play for a bit before she gets her breakfast.

7:15am: Breakfast! She requested the fruit so I added half of a sprouted grain bagel w/ almond butter and milk on the side. 21427192_10103152394323370_8143052536964800754_o7:30am: Dada says goodbye and leaves for work.

7:45am: Once Sammy is done with breakfast, I get her cleaned up, her teeth brush and change her outfit depending on where we plan to head out for the day; today is an errand day!

8:00am: Independent Play. I swapped the independent and structured play; it just seemed to work better this way. [I set the stove timer for 30 minutes.]

During this time, I’ll clean the kitchen, open all the windows, make a to-do list and get myself ready for the day.window fall8:30am: Structured Activity: This can be anything; whether it’s a craft, flash cards (Dollar Tree) or stickers. As long as it’s something we are both doing together.20170912_1533409:30am: Mini Snack and Play. I cut her snack size mid-morning so she eats more lunch (it’s been helping). It’s usually a piece of fruit or some crackers. 20170912_153340I snacked on some Snapea crisps [and put the laundry in] before we headed to the supermarket; I’m obsessed!

11:45am: Lunchtime! I make sure to come back home around this time to get Sammy some lunch and some for myself too (I had a veggie burger).snacky lunchWe did a “snack-y” lunch with Late July peanut butter crackers, apple, Snapeas, raisins and a Stonyfield yogurt pouch.

12:45pm: Naptime!

During her naps, I’ll check on the laundry and get the living and bedroom cleaned up. I try to be productive for half of her nap, then get rest; either reading or watch some “DIY” YouTube videos.

2:45pm: And she’s up… she usually needs a diaper change and I’ll get her a light snack to hold her until dinner. She’ll then play or read after.

3:45pm: It was so nice out later in the day that we went to the park. Mom had a snack while the toddler played. I’ve been in love with these bars; they satisfy my cookie cravings.21370890_10103154542373660_4503748709850265844_n5:00pm: After the park, we headed back home. I washed up her hands and got her comfy. She watched Trolls for about half an hour while I got dinner ready.

5:45pm: Dinner is usually the toughest meal of the day. It’s hit or miss! 20170903_134429Today she had a couple of potato smiles, nuggets, apple slices (rest of the apple from snack she didn’t finish), carrots and raisins. Once she is done with dinner, I let her play for a bit before her bath.

6:30pm: Bath time!20170905_1729027:00pm: Quiet time begins.21751662_10103159454569580_9061532470658895494_nI’ll let her read some of her books [plus we’ll read one together] and she’ll have some warm milk. We do a quick teeth brushing after before “officially” tucking into bed.

7:45pm: Bedtime! I’ll spruce up the home then relax for the rest of the evening while I wait for Pat to come home from work. 21743327_10103159454524670_5916058923240103407_nI absolutely love my desk after de-cluttering it and jazzing it up for Fall.

11:00pmBedtime for mama… oome days I fall asleep earlier just because being pregnant with a toddler is quite exhausting!

That’s a wrap on this “day in the life of” of mommy and toddler! Her schedule* is not always perfect, but we try to have a routine of some sort to get us through the day.


*Note: we don’t follow a particular “schedule” on Mondays, Saturdays (aka family days) or Playschool days.

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