TOL #11: De-cluttering The Home & Toddler Room

Hello friends!

If you read my post last week on de-cluttering, you’ll know that this post was coming.

I’ll be sharing with you a few things I did with our home and the toddler’s room to minimize clutter plus make the space more enjoyable.

I’ve done all this over the past two weeks (if I wasn’t pregnant it probably would have taken me a few days). I’ve gone through all the closets and drawers and was able to get rid of things that we no longer used, were stained, broken, etc.

In total, I was able to trash or donate 8 bags. Three of those bags were just “paper things.” 

Now, on to the rooms!

I’ve rearranged Sammy’s room a few times since we moved here earlier this year, but this way I love the most.20170903_081009Storage: She has a big toy chest and I decided to store toys that she doesn’t play with. Some of are either too “baby” or too “big” for her to use.20170901_092143I have plenty of these baggies bed sheets or curtains that I saved for storage. I like this better then containers because you can puzzle in items to fit better.20170901_092150Labels aren’t really necessary since you can see through the bag, but I think it just makes it look neater or could be my OCD.

Kitchen: This one is great for small spaces/ storing. It comes with it’s own accessories, plus she received a couple sets of play food/ kitchen items. I stored half of them in her toy chest and kept a few items out. 20170903_081032Once she get’s a bit older, I can take out other items for her to play with.

Activities Basket: I showed this in the previous post, but I use to store ALL of her activities stuff in one of her clothing drawers in the closet (aka her “junk drawer). She loves to dig and take them apart when I opened them; it was getting frustrated. 20170829_082143I decided to just take out what she uses the most. There are still things stored in that drawer but they are for when she’s older.20170903_081032Books: I kept a few out that she currently likes and every few weeks I rotate these or store ones that I know are more for infants and I’ll save those for the twins.20170905_130526 Main Entrance: The first space when you enter is the living room and I absolutely hated the way it looked. I thought it was super cluttered with toys and my desk was always a mess (I found the end table at Goodwill for ONLY $1.50)20170905_171817I put her ball pit and mini basketball hoop behind the couch and other toys she plays with in the TV stand (it was empty). 20170905_160532Now the whole space looks much neater. 20170905_130526To the right side of the entrance is THIS stand. It had a ton of toys was collecting dust at the bottom, now I just leave a bit of decor, a couple of books and shoes.20170905_171817Our Bedroom: This room was neglected the most. I found the night stand for $2.50 (Goodwill) and was able to put a lamp near our bed and the remotes, diapers and wipes in the drawer instead of just on the floor.

I also found some pretty fall flowers at Rite Aid and put up a couple more pictures (frames from Dollar Tree).

Now I think it feels simple and cozy and you can probably tell that I am pretty simple when it comes to decor or items to have in the house.

I’m really enjoying reading this tidying book by Marie Kondo. I enjoy the minimalist lifestyle for myself, but it helps you put it into a more home perspective.

There are things I don’t totally agree with in the book (like doing all your de-cluttering in one sitting) but a lot of the information is very useful. I think if you’re looking for ways to minimize clutter and make a more enjoyable space, definitely give it a read.

I’m linking up with Amanda for thinking out LOUD Thursday!Thinking-Out-LoudMy next book is the Joy of Less. Can’t wait. 😀


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