Friday Favorites #5: De-Cluttering & Toddler Favorites

I’ve come to terms with a couple of the MILLION things that are causing my depression/ anxiety; organization and clutter.

I know, I know sounds odd. Before I left college, I needed to pack my room up and head back home. Problem was I had a WHOLE ROOM of stuff. I was not planning on storing or making multiple trips. I sold and discarded items plus organized that entire room and made it fit in my Pontiac Grand Am.

I had never felt so “free of stuff.” It was from that moment at 20 years old I realized I wanted to live a bit of minimalist lifestyle. If you asked me right now to fit MY possessions solely in a car, it would.

As a wife and mom, this isn’t the case; more people = more possessions… ESPECIALLY KIDS and I’ve been fearing more clutter to come.

Taking a deep breath and getting some fresh air is step one.20170826_162235Now that Fall is approaching, I can get out more and enjoy the crisp air. Summer is too hot for me, pregnant or not.

This is my absolute favorite time of year and it gives me more of a  ‘positive mindset.’

I am an organization freak and with these twins (who are currently breached) nothing is known until 34 weeks as to what the “plan” might be. BUT I can de-clutter, organize and stock up now for the family on what is ultimately necessary20170829_082143This is my new favorite thing in Sammy’s room; an activity basket!

We had diapers, wipes and other things but we have a diaper changing table now for the twins. I moved everything there and collected things for her basket. We have coloring books, reading books, flash cards and such in it. 

Since Sammy’s birthday party, she’s received a ton of new stuff.

I reorganized her toys/ books over the passed couple of weeks and she now even has has some new favoritesJust Like Home Cupcake Set: She is obsessed!20170820_115616We have other Just Like Home sets two that she got last year for Christmas that I whipped out (not to mention, cleaned out the storage closet at the same time).20170819_171518It’s fun to see her able to play with certain toys in different ways as she grows! If you noticed from my “day in the life of” post, I moved the yellow table into her bedroom and she definitely has utilized it more.

I know how to live as a minimalist for myself, but not for a “home” or family.21106377_10103143563176060_6097022615110715095_nSo far upon only reading the first 10 pages of this book, I’ve thrown out 3 bags worth of stuff. I can see space we haven’t seen since we moved to the two bedroom. It feels good and I can feel my mind slowly easing.

Of course, this isn’t going to “fix” my antepartum depression, but finding some of its’ roots and tackling them little by little has made me find some more light each day. With less clutter, I have more energy to spend elsewhere.
20170829_232339The toddler is always going to be there making some kind of mess, but it’s just toys that can be put away at night and organized together.

Hooray for the clean up song. ❤

I’m linking up with Heather over a Life In Leggings for “Friday Favorites.” Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2Hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

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