Samantha Turns TWO!

Samantha is officially TWO (as of August 6th). ❤ Samantha Birthday Girl-2We had a Trolls “themed” birthday party/ baby sprinkle. Cupcake FestI order a cake/ cupcake set from our supermarket asking them to do a “swirl” of the Trolls colors. 20597312_10103111301753210_7162343633702041982_nI loved how it turned out! I topped it with a couple of figurines she got for her birthday; she’s Poppy and the two little Trolls represent her baby sister and brother! Birthday August2017-19I made a hand sanitizer favor for the ladies for the “baby sprinkle” part.20170805_082938If I may say, I think they came out quite adorable!20170805_082951The kids also got goodie bags and although it rained during her birthday BBQ, we had a blast!


Here are some of Samantha’s current toy/ food likes. It’s fun to see how she’s changed even from just a few months ago.

Current food likes:

We still aren’t into veggies, although she will eat some at playschool. She isn’t a fan of meat either except for those nuggets or on occasion, a bite of my Subway turkey sandwich. She was all for it before then fell off of it at around 11 months.

I’m not too concerned because she eats plenty of foods with iron plus she takes a multi-vitamin (as per her doctor).

Current toy/ activity likes:

  • Swings – Any time of swing/ swinging motion she is obsessed with.
  • Bouncing – She loves using the trampoline at MyGym.
  • Farms – Raspberry picking and being outdoors in grassy fields.19956618_10103074567803340_8970169755204429574_o
  • Color/ Object Naming – She LOVES pointing out colors or objects and making sounds, especially when we head to the park or an unfamiliar place.
  • Library – Playing with the doll house or Mr. Potato Head.
  • Trolls – Hence the birthday party theme. Her favorite “Trolls” things are

If you checked the blog earlier this week, you’ll see the “routine” that we are trying to get Sam on. It’s good for her to have a routine to keep her brain flowing but also good for when the twins come. 20170801_105921We are trying to implement independent play times that way she doesn’t feel like mom and dad are ignoring her – rather it’s just part of her daily routine.

That recaps Sammy’s birthday BBQ and some likes for the start of age two! Excited to see how she grows this year each and every day, especially once the twins come.

Have a great weekend y’all. 🙂

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