Day In The Life: Summer Day w/ My Toddler

It’s that time of the week… “hump”day!

I haven’t done one of these “day in the life of posts in a while. Now that I’ve taken my hours down a bit at work, I have more time in the week to spend time with Sammy.

Note: we don’t follow a “schedule” on playschool or Saturdays aka family day!


7:15am: We go into Sammy’s room and find her awake (not sure what time!). She’s been sleeping in her very own big girl bed since about 18 months. On occasion, we’ll catch her reading her Trolls book.

After a few minutes of “good mornings” and cuddles, the husband or I does a quick diaper change then we get Sammy some breakfast.

7:30am: Today she wanted my Special K red berries cereal. We also did half of a banana and a piece of multi-grain bread. 20627081_10103108545796170_4293872841416132400_oI made myself breakfast or heat up some oats I prepped the night before really quick and eat with her.

8:30am: Once Sammy is done with breakfast, I get her cleaned up, her teeth brush and change her outfit depending on where we plan to head out for the day.

8:30am: Structured Activity: This is new for Sammy! We are trying to get some time planned early to get her brain flowing. At the moment we do flash cards (with “first words” or colors) or color/ word search in books. Once she gets this down, we’ll move on to numbers and letters).20170801_1059219:00am: Independent Play. This usually involves her Troll book (that’s she’s obsessed with) or her Leapfrog laptop. I found a few “toddler schedules” online and loved this idea. Especially since Sammy is going to have two new siblings in the winter, it will be good to get her used to this.

She already does well playing on her own, but now it’s structured and makes mommy’s life easier! I set a timer for about 45 minutes (on the stove) and I’ll clean the kitchen, check emails, get myself ready for the day, etc.

9:45am: Snack and Outside Play: We have different activities we do in the summer but we’ll go to the library (if it’s really hot), to the park, the beach museum or even fruit picking.20170801_11105511:45am: Lunchtime! I make sure to come back home by this time to get Sammy some lunch and some for myself too. Sometimes we’ll eat at the kitchen table; other times her little table in the living room.

Today I heated something quick; A few chicken nuggets, potatoes fries, snap pea crisps, mandarins and a couple of blueberries with a side of almond milk. 20170803_163936The blueberries were not planned… she just took them out of the fridge and handed them to me and said “please.”

12:45pm: Naptime!

During naps, I’ll do some cleaning, laundry… maybe even have a snack if I’m extra hungry!  I try to be productive, then get rest; maybe read or watch YouTube videos.20643404_10103115262256330_7681286838216990890_o2:45pm: Wake up! She usually needs a diaper change and I’ll get her a light snack to hold her until dinner. She loves Snyder’s gluten-free pretzel sicks and peanut butter! 20170718_074832I also gave her the piece of multi-grain bread she didn’t finish from breakfast. After her snack, we’ll have some “screen time” and play. Lately it’s been part of the Trolls movie, Superwings or Ruff Ruff, Tweet & Dave.

During this time I’ll hang out (and interact with her shows, asking her questions) with her til about 4:30-5:00pm and then get dinner ready.

6:00pm: Dinner is usually the tough meal of the day. Sometimes it breakfast or it can be pizza. We try to give her different foods each week but she’s definitely in pick mode!

6:45pm: Bath time!20170511_1006147:30pm: Quiet time begins. Sammy will have some milk & a few animal crackers while she reads one of her books. Sometimes she’ll want us to read it, other times she just sits quietly in bed. We do a quick teeth brushing before getting her tucked into bed.

8:15pm: Bedtime: I’ll spruce up any of Sam’s mess and her toys then relax for the rest of the evening while I wait for Pat to come home from work.20170730_19431310:30pmBedtime for mama! Some days I fall asleep by 10:00pm or earlier just because making two babies at once is EXHAUSTING!

That’s a wrap on this “day in the life of” with the toddler! Is this schedule perfect? No. Does she follow it to a “T” everyday? Not at all! But getting your toddler on a routine helps them and you too!

I want her to have some type of routine to help her out, especially for when the twins come! Her independent and free play times will be great to manage the twins while Sammy can still feel like she’s still in her routine… I’m hoping. 😉

Question: What are some of your top activities that YOU do with your toddlers during the day?

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