GIVEAWAY + Money Saving Tips & Tricks!

I decided to drop in and share some money savings tips and tricks. With the twins on the way, I’ve been trying to up my savings game. As self-employed individual, I don’t get any “maternity leave” money.

It’s up to me to save up for those 8-12 weeks. Here’s the top FIVE things I’ve been doing lately (and in general) to save money for our family!

  1. Sign up for COUPONS: Now I know this may seem simple, but are there any brands your family likes? Most of the times companies will email (or even mail) coupons! Some of our favorite brands are Happy Family & Stonyfield.
  2. Find Deals on Your FAVORITE Sites: From time to time, I’ll order an Honest Company bundle; that is when they email me that it’s “spend $25 and get free shipping.” I also will use Walmart as well for items like Quest Bars, toilet paper, diapers and wipes. They now have a “thing” if you choose to get your items a few days later at checkout, you get an extra discount! walmart savesThis order was literally a different of 4 days. If you’re patient, select it at check out and you’ll save some dough!
  3. Buy in BULK: Sometimes I find myself venturing to Whole Foods on my work break (it’s 10 minutes away). 20479997_10103107040083630_1378771145116204968_nI usually browse the produce for any deals, then head to the bulk section. I like to get various seeds, nut butter, oats and a some trail mixes in bulk. It comes out cheaper then the prepackaged stuff in the supermarket. 20170718_074832I can get a pretty big size on pumpkin seeds for about $3.00 when it most likely will cost me $4-$6 prepackaged.
  4. Make a LIST*… and stick to it! Every few months, I analyze our master list of our major household and grocery needs. From there, I’ll see what we are missing from the house and add it to my “list of things to buy” for the week.20525893_10103107059699320_8608933800748469155_nOtherwise, you’ll find yourself spending extra money on things you didn’t need to buy or was just an impulse spend. It makes a huge difference in the long run… trust me. (*Note how out of order this list is, haha!)
  5. Sign up for different REGISTRIES: This applies if you are expecting but let me tell you… shop AROUND. I’ve signed up for registries through Target, Buy Buy Baby and Babies R’ Us. All three places give a goodie bag with free samples of diapers, wipes, baby wash, pacifiers, etc. 20637947_10103107005438060_5507139147317550314_nNot to mention TONS of coupons. My favorite goodie bag was from Target (and it comes in this cute tote bag aka my lunch bag). Target and Babies R’ Us do a “completion coupon” a few weeks before your due date in case there are some things left over on your list, you can get them at a discount!


Giveaway Time!

I am giving away a ton of coupons and snacks for momm and toddler, including stuff from Happy Family, Stonyfield, Quest, Kind bar and more.giveawayThey’ll be a couple more goodies that are not even shown too! All you have to do is comment to this post telling me you’re best money saving tip. 😉

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*Giveaway ENDS on August 16th 11:59pm EST*

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