FFavorites #3: Dry Shampoo, Sweet Goodbyes, 100th Class & More!

Happy first Friday of the month!

It’s actually my FIRST Friday off in quiet some time; we are talking some time last year. I have other days off of course, but I love Fridays for less traffic and not to mention there are many activities that fall on Fridays at the library.

Last week, I taught my last few classes at Orangetheory. I started teaching there (before I knew I was pregnant) in April. Unfortunately the doctor said I needed to cut back on stand/ intense activity. 20170728_143014Everything at Orangetheory is modifiable but as an coach, you need to be able to demo the exercises efficiently and in proper form.

Hence me needing to take a step back. 20170728_084927They had a sweet little “goodbye” table for me with goodies. It was a fun morning and I even did a little competition in each class to win some Quest bars.20170728_060256Quest sent these Beyond cereal bars for the Orangetheory Westford crew to try out. The waffle is my favorite and is quiet delicious plus only 110 calories.

By the way, I have a chance for you to win a couple of waffle ones NEXT week. Stay tuned!

Speaking of bars, I’ve become obsessed with these peanut butter fudge Power Crunch bars. They just might be my new favorite brand!20507765_10103108465452180_7506811353208065794_oIt is so good and satisfies my chocolate peanut butter cravings, not to mention gives me some protein and bit of iron.

I finally reached my 100th class at Pure Barre a few weeks ago! I would have hit it sooner but you know #morningsickness. I had my first class with Emily and my 100th! 20170720_052857Here’s to 250 whenever the twins and toddler allow it to happen. 😉

Speaking of twins, since being pregnant (currently 21 weeks) this time around, I’ve gotten quiet lazy. 20525934_10103107167812660_1098829112357129064_n[Oh and check out my Time Turner necklace from my birthday. Any Harry Potter fans out there?]

Well, kidding… kind of. I’ve just been super tired and don’t want to spend a ton of time standing in the shower (due to my leg swelling).20479899_10103107103995550_6999484495086265186_n-e1501714787550.jpgI tried this Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo out at Orangetheory and fell in LOVE. I’ve tried many different brands but this one actually does the trick for my hair. I have very fine, oily hair.

Other brands I’ve tried weighed my hair down or made it more oily looking. Definitely check this one out! 20525454_10103107167742800_4771281198426195937_nI purchased mine at Target.com and in the above pictures I am going on day FOUR no wash (never before could I do that).

Lastly, I found these  Little Duck Organics fruit & veggie freeze dried snacks on sale at Whole Foods and decided to let Sammy give it a try. 20170803_165412She loved it all, except for the edamame. Guess that only makes it two-thirds of a favorite.

I’m linking up with Heather over at Life In Leggings for Friday Favorites. Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to stay tuned for that giveaway coming NEXT week. 😀

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