FFavorites #2: Honest Co., Raspberries & More!

Happy FRIYAY my friends. 🙂

In the past couple of weeks, raspberry picking has opened up in the local farms.20170712_085832 I tried golden ones for the first time and they reminded me of a green grape. Sammy enjoyed eating picking with us too. 😉 19956618_10103074567803340_8970169755204429574_oRaspberries all day, everyday!20170707_072116 I decided to get a second Honest Company bundle. I wanted to try the apricot kiss scent and get a couple of my favorites – like the lavender wash/ lotion plus the cleaner to start stocking up for the the twins. 20170620_172540To be honest (no pun intended), the apricot kiss scent was not that great but I will say that is it super moisturizing as it states.

I also wanted to try the grapefruit soap since it seemed to be out of stock last time – LOVE it and it definitely my new favorite soap scent.

Oh and I can’t forget the bug spray; it smells A-mazing and works pretty well!

I ran out of detangling spray for Sammy and I so I looked online for some DIY versions. Let me tell you it works like a charm! I used an Aveeno conditioner that I had and it literally works exactly the same as a store bought one.DIY sprayHello money saving!

Lastly, through reading twin pregnancy related things (have to love ads), I came across an ad for this “Noobie Box.20170630_202315 It’s basically a subscription box that comes with samples of various pregnancy and/or baby related products! The first one is free but you do have to pay shipping.

I haven’t tried the bottle, onsie, diapers (obviously) or the skin oil treatment just yet but I did try these vitamins!20170630_202456 They were SO delicious, way better then my current prenatal gummy. I did spot them at Whole Foods but they are almost double the price of my current one. 20170630_202501But if you are looking for a good clean prenatal gummy -this is IT!

That about wraps up this SECOND edition of Friday Favorites. I’m linking up with Heather over at Life in Leggings; thanks for hosting!Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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