Cheap [or Free] Summer Activities for Toddlers!

I’ve been looking to do A TON this summer with Sammy since it’s the last time we’ll be able to truly bond one on one 24/7.

Bonus points if you live in the northwest area of Massachusetts or Nashua/ Hollis area of New Hampshire, since some of these will be close to YOU!

Here are my top 10 summer activities for toddlers (starting highest price to free):

  1. Museum/ Zoo: VARIES; some zoos and museums have free admission Fridays this summer here in MA. But in case you can’t go, your local library may offer a museum pass! These passes are good for about half the price to the regular cost!20170528_153945Most places under 1-2 is free. For the Discovery Museum in Acton, Sammy and I were both only $6.25 (half the cost, but again total will vary depending on museum and how many people!).
  2. Water Table/ Mini Pool: Under $10; I got this little pool for only $5.00 at Toys R’ Us. You can use a big bucket too if you have one or find one at Walmart/ Target type stores. This is great to cool off when it’s way to hot outside to be in the sun (85 degrees plus for me). 20170704_140238
  3. Fruit Picking: Under $10; Some farms are pricier then others but if you have a few near by, call and check out their prices! Kimball Fruit Farm (which is about 10 minutes from us) does strawberry picking for $2.99/lb! 20170628_095823You don’t have to go big… ask for a small container and just have fun! We filled this up just enough to cover the bottom and it was all under $5.00! We got some Vitamin D and enjoy some family time.
  4. Beach/ Lake: FREE-$, now here’s another that will vary! If your beach has a parking/ person fee some do offer passes for the summer. One of the beaches/ splash pads near us offers a summer pass for $35 or $3.00 for parking. 20170519_174144If you think you’d go often, a pass is worth it. We have a beach that’s 30 minutes away and it’s completely free (and my favorite), so I usually do a Wholefoods lunch date with Sammy then head to the beach or vice versa.
  5. Nature Walks: FREE! Unless you go to a state park, you can find a nature trail and take a nice walk at no cost (we have one right in the back of our place). A good thing to do with your toddler is to point things out and see if they recognize them.Sometimes we even bring a ball and have Sammy [try to] catch it and toss it back every couple of minutes!unnamed (1)We like to point out trees, birds, stick, flowers, leaves, etc. with Sammy. Be sure to bring bug spray and check for ticks after!
  6. Neighborhood Park: FREE! We have a couple of parks that are within 10 minutes or less of our house. I like to take Sammy a little bit after breakfast and she can just burn off all her energy. Her naps are usually fantastic after 45mins to an hour at the park.20170601_153925
  7. Library: FREE! Check out your local library for summer happenings! My library had crafts and Lego play during the summer on certain days. 20170627_150512You can stay cool and pick up some books to pick up and create a summer reading list for your toddler! So far Sammy has “read” 5 new books. We are trying to get books that talk more about colors, shapes and numbers in different ways.
  8. Home Play/ Learning: FREE! Yes, you can stay in during those brutal 95 degree plus days. We like to read books, use flash cards (colors, shapes, objects), color, play bubbles and more! 19553913_10103057048003160_6943597026587570710_nI like to give Sammy some “relaxation time,” even they need a break from running around.

Honorable mentions: Macaroni Kid; a good chunk of states have a Macaroni Kid. This site shares free and cheap activities that you and your child can do daily.

You can also contact your local library as well to see if they know of a site for your area or check out your local Facebook Moms group!

Question: What are some of your favorite activities to do in the summer with your little ones?

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