Blue Apron Meals

A month ago I decided to try out Blue Apron.

With all my pregnancy cravings, meals have become tough and super indecisive on my end. I browsed through the upcoming weeks (you can skip weeks you don’t like) and found one that sparked my interest!20170627_122315I found a deal (there is always one on their site) and only paid $29.99 for my first week. Now some weeks had some delicious looking pizzas, but I didn’t want to spend the money on pizza – I wanted to get all the meat!20170627_122545If you don’t already know, Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that comes in meals for 2 or 4.

The base is 3 meals per week, but you can add more for an extra cost. They also have wine you can purchase and provide a suggestion on each meal card.

The first one I tried was the soy marinated chicken thighs. Chinese food has been a big craving this time around during pregnancy so this meal was perfect. Unfortunately veggies is no on my top list for dinner (only lunch, so I saved it). 20170627_163253We had this meal without the veggies (though I added some snap peaces for a crunch) and topped the chicken over Jasmine rice.

I was worried that it was going to have too much “spice,” but it was seriously delicious! Definitely not a combination of spices and such I would have thought of.19657047_10103063655446790_5126684735565972270_nThe second one, the honey glazed chicken breasts. Again this one I tweaked but oh my gosh it was the one of the best chicken breasts I’ve cooked. I didn’t know a little honey and vinegar would bring out so much flavor.19732334_10103063650516670_7261793852661452978_nI served this over a rice pilaf mixed that I had made the night before (saved the Blue Apron side for another day) and a small garden salad. Seriously hit the spot and I’ll definitely be making this again.19247588_10103063655751180_4091737962622397908_nThe honey mustard pork chops were pretty juicy (according to the hubs, he had both), but the flavor wasn’t all there. I definitely think this dish should have been pre-marinated as oppose to making a pan glaze.506477-blue-apronAll in all, I did enjoy trying out some new flavor/ spice combinations that I would have never tried. The portions are pretty small (and calorie dense in my opinion for the size). I sent my sister-in-law a Hello Fresh week, and the meals looked fantastic.

Blue Apron seems a little more upscale, so it you are someone who likes high-end quality food, this is something worth a try.

I find that it is pricey and not enough food for the regular price of $59.94 per week. Our groceries are about $60 per week (for the THREE of us), so this exceeds our budget for food. But it was still a fun experience; with a coupon deal of course. 😉

Question: Have you ever tried a meal delivery service before like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh?

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