Currently: Health & Fitness (1st Trimester)

20170517_135316First trimester… second time around is 100 times worse. Know why? Because there are TWO of them!

“Hey mom, you know there’s two on here right?”20170517_133526I think I was nauseous and fatigued from about 3 weeks (if I had to guess). At 6 weeks, my morning sickness was through the roof, my migraines have been killing me and I have been so much more tired. I dealt with morning sickness and migraines with Samantha but it didn’t really hit til about 9-10 weeks.

I also started “showing” a bit at about 6 weeks and I was having a hard time “sucking it in” at work. But now knowing that there are twins, explains why everything was happening so much sooner.20170518_105417My fitness routine, has drastically changed sooner then when I was pregnant with Sammy. I’ve just been trying to walk and move whenever I can (aka active rest day). Squats and jumping are extremely uncomfortable sooner this time (took be about 24+ weeks last time).

My goal is to do Barre 1-3 times a week [as I teach 3 Barre classes a week] and try to take 1 Pure Barre class on my own, plus take an Orangetheory Fitness when I can.

Here’s what my current fitness routine looks like during the week:

  • Monday: OTF
  • Tuesday: Rest Day
  • Wednesday: Barre Class
  • Thursday: Active Rest Day
  • Friday: Strength Training Day
  • Saturday: Cardio Barre it’s been more of a miss then hit!
  • Sunday: Active Rest Day

It hasn’t been perfect one bit. I’m lucky if I get 2 workouts in a week, but I really try to keep moving regardless. Things are going to come up or happen, especially being pregnant with twins and having a toddler.

I’m learning not to stress too much with this pregnancy.  I’m trying to focus on eating as healthy as I can and try not to get down too much if I miss the gym due to nausea or migraines. I know hope that in a year my body will start to get back to normal.IMG_20170518_083425_485I was craving green beans for the longest but now all I want is bagels, cereal & Cheez-it’s (which I haven’t eaten since junior high school). Coffee was the first thing to go. I really haven’t drank coffee since our “honeymoon-ish.”

Sonic neuro mid-morning has replaced my caffeine if I really need it. Since it’s 100mg, that all I’d do, since “recommended” during pregnancy is less than 200mg or 2 cups of coffee.20170524_083651We are very excited and nervous all at once. This is going to be quite to experience, especially already having a toddler on hand. Hoping to get Sammy potty trained before the winter (no pressure, of course), that would just be a huge help on diaper costs.

Here’s to the next SEVEN months! 😀

Question: Any twin moms out there? What’s your best piece of advice?

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