Honest Co. Review (#1)

Good morning friends and happy FriYAY!20170317_203629I am dropping in to review a few products from my Honest Company bundle I did a couple months ago. It took me a bit to really get a feel for the products; I didn’t just want to use them once or twice.

I still haven’t used the laundry packs, dish soap or swim diaper just yet. When I do, I will update you in a part two post.20170423_190444Shampoo + Bodywash: I actually purchased two of the lavender ones since I like using that scent for bath time to calm the toddler. I did like this lavender smell better than the Aveeno wash (which I was buying before).

I even used it on myself a few times and it cleansed my hair really well. I have fine and oily hair and it did not weight down my hair at all.Product-395-slide_with_zoom-61151bec-9efd-4cf8-b2cb-3bb44da8d211_normal_slideConditioner: Not going to lie, I purchased this one for myself. First of all, the orange vanilla smell was absolutely amazing. With my hair type, it’s hard to find a good conditioner that won’t weigh my hair down.

I had been using Wen for a while (and loved it) but I wanted to see if there was something cheaper that I could buy easier (the Wen subscription is just too much of a hassle).

This conditioner did not weigh my hair down and it always feels “flowy.” I used it on Samantha a few times and her hair was even softer once she used it. I am definitely getting this one again, but in grapefruit!Product-394-slide_with_zoom-9d6bc309-cd91-467c-b2e7-cf1dfd8ed021_normal_slideFace + Body Lotion: I really enjoyed the purely simple lotion that came in the trial size, so I opted to try the lavender. I was also running out of the Aveeno lavender lotion and wanted to have another handy.

Again, the lavender scent was WAY better in this lotion then the Aveeno. The Aveeno one IS half the price, but if you get a good deal on a bundle (the Honest Co. always have discounts), it can come out to almost the same price.
20170427_080321 (1)Multi-Surface Cleaner: This by far has been my favorite product from my bundle. I first used it when Samantha got market all over our front door.

I love that is doesn’t leave any harsh smells or chemicals behind. The grapefruit smell is fabulous, especially when cleaning the bathroom and her room.

Things get messy in our household, especially during meals. I use the cleaner every night on our kitchen table, stove top and counters. A definite must buy if you are trying out the Honest products for the first time.

I do like that you can purchase many of the Honest products at Target or Wholefoods – sometimes there are better sales too!

I will be purchasing the cleaner and lotion for sure in the near future. Those were my two favorites of the four, but if the other two are on sale, I will snag them. 😉

Question: Have you used any Honest Company products? If so, which are your favorites?

7 thoughts on “Honest Co. Review (#1)

  1. We use a lot of their products, and have been both diaper and essential subscribers for almost two years now. I second that the all purpose cleaner is hands down their best product!


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