Happy New Year & Favorites!

I know I am about a million 18 days late here…20161225_090859The last time I posted was on November 21st and I have to be honest, I did not miss it that much. The holidays did get the best of us. I didn’t realize that with a kid, the holidays were more of a hustle and bustle. Before I use to just enjoy emptier gyms and working overtime.

But nowadays, that doesn’t fit my “mom” lifestyle so much anymore. I did get to the gym plenty of times and kept my eating “on point as possible.”20170101_195627This year so far we were plague by Samantha’s first [double] ear infection and mom got a respiratory infection soon after. It was not a fun couple of weeks, but in good news we are finally moving to a bigger space! 20170113_161556We’ve been looking since July and it has not been easy because we have to be pretty specific on our needs – which isn’t a bad thing. I’ll be sharing more on that later next month once we are nice and settled.


For this post I wanted to share Samantha’s current favorites. The last favorites she was a year old and she is currently 17ish months. 20170112_133253I would say, she really started to love books at about 7-8 months. I try to take her to the library every week for story time and she has a blast! Right now these are her” go-to’s:”

Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book20170112_162852Going off of books, we wanted to have something interactive to teach her basic words/ for car rides. The little ones can touch the pictures, hears the words/ sounds and use the “?” button for a “find it” game.

There is a words, letters and music setting and at the moment, music is Samantha’s favorite. But as she grows, the other two settings will start getting more use.

Little Tykes Cook ‘n Store Kitchen Playset20170112_133126 A few things I loved about this kitchen was well for one, it folds up. No only is this great for when moving, but you can easily store it to the side. There is plenty of the space in the “oven” for storage too.

I also liked that it came already assembled and was only $45 on sale (at the time). She opened it up Christmas morning and could play with it in seconds. It came with a few utensils, plates, pots and pan but we added her Melissa and Doug pots and pan set that she loves to the mix.

Bruin Big Band Instrument Set: The link is to their newer version of this set. We got this one on sale for $9.99 at the time; I just love deals.20170112_133701Came with everything you see plus drumsticks. [At the time of the photo Samantha has misplaced them and we also put the trumpet away for now]. She uses it every day and was definitely a great gift for her.

Below are some “honorable mentions” that didn’t make the list by photo, but are some of Samantha’s favorites too!

I am hoping to get back into the swing of things with blogging, can’t make any promises, but time will tell right? After all, I do need a play to store photos besides Facebook and my phone. 😉

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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