MIMM #12: Muffins & A Toddler.

Good evening friends. 🙂

This week is going to be a short one so I decided to pop in today to enjoy the holiday week with my family.

I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes, that isn’t even mine. Sometimes you just have a surplus of bananas, but don’t want to make banana bread or freeze them for smoothies.

Or is that just me?20161108_123039Marvelous are these muffins…

I found this recipe online years ago when I was eating 100% gluten & grain-free. They are delicious peanut butter banana muffins. You can even sub the peanut butter for any nut butter (almond is delish).

The only thing different I do to the recipe is 2 eggs and 2 egg whites (as opposed to four whole eggs) and I sub the walnuts. Usually for pumpkin seeds or raisins for Samantha.20161108_122951This toddler has been in “picky” mode and muffins are something  she’ll always gobble up. I have a couple of other marvelous muffin recipes on the blog that I’ve experimented on her and she loves them. 20161108_122750It’s good to have a million options.

We may have seen the last weekend of marvelous, warm-ish weather.20161117_140452 It’s been chilly and windy this week.

It went from 60 degrees to 35 degrees overnight. 😦 20161119_095631I suppose I can’t complain since in New England we tend to skip fall and go straight to winter in October. And we still have My Gym we could go to for marvelous fun!img_20161120_100210Time to whip out those marvelous puffy coats. 😉

I am linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday, thanks for hosting!MIMMI hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Enjoy good food, conversation and lots of love. ❤

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