TOL #10: Toddler Traveling Tips

Good morning friends!
With the holidays coming around and many family gathers, I’ve been thinking about what that MIGHT mean for you… traveling [and overnight trips] with your child[ren].
If you only plan to travel under an hour or two and return the same day, some of these still will be able to help, especially if you have messy or picky eaters!
Today, I am sharing with you my top FIVE car traveling tips for your toddler. Now if you plan to head on a plane, some of these can apply too!20161002_081850Our family has done a bit of traveling with our daughter. We’ve traveled this year in March (3 hour plane ride), July and September (3-4 hour car rides for July & Sept). Each of these tips helps us [and Samantha] stay sane. Check em’ out:
  1. Food, Food… did I mention FOOD?! Whether it’s having breast feeding essentials, formula or solids, make sure you pack food. A good tip to remember is to get a few bottles ready with water and packing formula already portioned out. If you’re traveling by air, the TSA will let you pass with ANYTHING for baby, just be sure to keep it all in a separate baggy. If you have snack fiends, make sure you are prepped. Sam loves whole grain Goldfish, animal crackers, berries and bananas.20161030_131347 If you’re heading out early and have a toddler, I think these snack bars by Plum Organics make a great on the go breakfast with some milk and fruit. Don’t forget a snack or two for you!20161115_121439
  2. Diapers & Other Toiletries. Make sure you have enough [and then some] diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment, sunscreen, Tylenol, etc. What ever you need for baby, make sure you have it. There is nothing like NOT having enough diapers or wipes and having to pray they don’t poop galore!
  3.  Entertainment. This will vary by age, but make sure you have your child’s FAVORITES! Sam loves her rag doll, this squishy Zebra and her Elmo crayons. We also have books, Scout lappup and other fun gadgets. Just be prepared.20161030_133400
  4. Lots of Clothes. There are days where we go through three changes of clothes. Make sure everything can be mixed & matched together and have plenty of comfy items for them. Plan for 2 outfits a day, plus socks, a jacket/ coat (if it gets chilly) and shoes.
  5. Timing: Now what do I mean by this? If you know your babe’s long nap is around 11am, plan to leave a half hour to an hour before. That way you can chat with them, play tunes/ they can play and slowly start to settle into a nap on the drive. I know Samantha will fall asleep after being in a car for 30 minutes and nap for about 1-2 hours. This gives us plenty of open road travel on 2-4 hour car trips.
  6.  Open Mind: You’re baby is going to be thrown off at some point during any trip, whether you drive or fly. Try not to stress if your babe missed a nap or didn’t want to eat her usual 2:00pm snack, it will only stress you out more. If they see YOU cranky, they will get crankier; plain & simple.
Have fun and remember it’s only a short time period of them being “off.” You’ll get back to your normal routine in no time [hopefully]. Thinking-Out-LoudI’m linking up with Amanda for thinking out LOUD Thursdays and sharing what’s on
MY mind. Thanks for hosting!
Safe travels 🙂

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