Tabata Tuesday #3: At The Barre

11698540_10102263228269270_5456906521248473284_nSince my pregnancy in late 2014, I have been very into Barre and “Barre-like” workouts. Barre has helped to keep me in shape while keeping my back pretty pain free.

I was a Tabata, HIIT, kickboxing and body building junkie before pregnancy (and lower back injury from early 2014, but that’s another story).

But with severe back pain, I ended up going to physical therapy and my doctor suggested thanking things down a hundred a few notches.

Barre is low impact, yet very effective for toning up. It incorporates light weights and high repetitions as well as a “barre,” mini balls, resistance bands, etc.barreFor an great article on Barre workouts, click HERE. Most barre classes will have a similar structure: There is a warm up that will include planks and push-ups.

There will then be a series of arm exercises followed by a lower-body section to work your thighs and glutes with or without the barre. Finally, you’ll finish with a series of core-focused exercises and a cool down.6-barre-workout-lessons-to-apply-to-any-workout-01-722x406I still try to get some cardio (spin or Arc Trainer) in because Barre doesn’t really get your heart pumping as much as a Tabata or HIIT class would, which is why I decided to do a Barre Inspired Tabata routine just for you!tabata-clocks_15aAll you need is a timer (I use a HIIT Interval Timer app on my phone) and a set of light weights (no more then 5lbs, I used 3lbs). Set your time for 8 rounds, each round being 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 minutes… and GO!

‘Barre Inspired’ Tabata [8 Rounds, 32* Minutes Total] 

  1. High Knees (to modify, bring one knee up at a time for a “standing crunch”)
  2. Tricep Push-ups (on knees if needed)
  3. Plank Jacks
  4. Plié to Overhead Press (add heel lift for extra challenge)
  5. Plié Jumps (stand in a plié and JUMP!)
  6. Bicep Curls & Hammer Curls w/ Lunge Pulse (alternate between the curls for each round)
  7. [Weighted] V-Up’s
  8. Leg Lifts to Knee In’s
  9. [Weighted] Hip Lifts w/ Heels Lifted


*Be sure to warm up and cool down!

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2 thoughts on “Tabata Tuesday #3: At The Barre

  1. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after looking at some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m certainly delighted I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!


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