MIMM #11: Happy H’ween!

Happy Halloween. 😀20161026_102313I know I am popping in later then usual, but I am fighting a little cold. Samantha was sick (is still sick) this weekend and I could feel myself catching it. Blah. 20161031_165453We managed to get outside and enjoy some fresh air; it was almost 60 degrees on Sunday. I’m pretty sure this back and forth with the weather has plenty something to do with the cold.20161031_165520But on a more marvelous note, we were able to go to some fun activities around different towns and get our Halloween on. We are not taking Samantha trick or treating this year, but definitely next year.

We went to an event on Wednesday called “Too Cute to Spook,” where Sam was a pumpkin (thanks to my mom for the marvelous costume).20161026_101802It was at 10:00am, so geared for the little ones not in school. We also met up with Katie from Eat Sleep Repeat Mom.

The event had activities, a maze, goodie bags, snacks and crafts! Sam enjoyed munchin’ on some marvelous blueberry muffins.

On Thursday, my company had their Halloween party for the employees and their kids. Sam had a blast being a witch and running around “trick or treating” through the offices as well as playing with her “balloon animal.”20161027_162737Another costume my mom got her, thanks mom! It was a little big, so we can definitely use it again another year and maybe she’ll keep the hat on.

And to end our pre-Halloween week, Friday we went the MyGym Halloween party with the marvelous Skeleton pajamas, yes you guessed it, my mom got for Sam. 😉20161028_174026There were so many kids that we ended up eating some snacks that they had out for the kids first. By that time, parents and kids started leaving, which meant there was more space to play!20161028_172458And that’s a wrap on Samantha’s marvelous second Halloween. Last year she was Snowmantha White. ❤ 12119054_10102366057987690_4658922490406159875_nShe was so tiny.

I am linking up with the healthy diva, Katie, for Marvelous in My Monday. MIMMHope everyone has a Happy Halloween and great week ahead!

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