20-20-20 Circuit Training Workout

Instead of a Tabata for ‘Tabata Tuesday’ in October, I am going to share with you a sweaty circuit training workout, I’ve been having some of my clients do as of late.

This workout has 4 rounds; each round has 3 exercises that you perform 3 times total for… you guessed it… 20 repetitions each. I love this workout when I am pressed for time and want a really good total body workout.

As a mom, those “pressed for time” moments are more often then not. Best of all, you’ll need just your body weight but feel free to add in a set of weights for any exercise with ** next to it. And go!


Be sure to warm up and cool down before any and every workout. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at FitCoffeeMom15@Gmail.com.

For more information of my fitness coaching, CLICK HERE.

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