Tabata Tuesday #2: Kettlebell Style!

Morning friends. 😀

I am dropping in today to share another Tabata workout! This time, we are going to be using kettlebells. If you are wondering “what the heck is Tabata” then you need to check out THIS post first.

Today we are NOT going to get that fancy with moves, but we are going to get a heart-pumping kettlebell routine going! Are YOU ready?

All you need is a timer (I use a HIIT Interval Timer app on my phone) and a kettlebell! I use a 10lb one but if you don’t have one, a dumbbell will suffice.

If you have ANY questions on moves you can CLICK HERE for a demo of the ones you might need to double check like the swings.

Alright, let’s GO!1934284_10102418558541160_6217047951363467874_nTotal Body Kettlebell Tabata Routine [8 Rounds, 32* Minutes Total] 


  1. Figure 8’s
  2. Two-Handed Swings
  3. Alternating Lunges [w/ Overhead Press]
  4. Upright Rows
  5. Front Squat
  6. Deadlifts
  7. Clean & Press
  8. Plank & Row [Alternate sides- shown in photo]

*Be sure to warm up and cool down/ stretch!

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