Great Wolf Lodge (Review)

Happy FriYay!

I am popping in today to share with you a review of our stay at Great Wolf Lodge of New England. We originally were going to go camping but then the ad for Great Wolf popped up on my Facebook feed. The weather was going to be rainy, so I figured it was a sign to go here instead.

I signed up for a member deal that was to get up to 15% off and $50 resort credit for each night you stay. That $50 could be used anywhere; dining, arcade, giftshop, etc.!

We only stayed for one night and arrived at the hotel at 2:00pm. You are allowed to check into the resort at 1:00pm and enjoy the park.20160919_194000Check-in was a breeze. I’m sure that partly has to do with the fact that it was a Monday and school is back in session. We got to our room, unpacked and put our swimsuits on.

Although they recommend you have your things packed if for any reason you can’t check into your early (room check is at 4:00pm). family-suite-newma-1-img6457-1200x500When we got to the room, there were gummy bears and Dasani water bottles for us (I LOVE gummy bears). We got the deluxe suite since it was the same price as the double.

I was worried that Samantha wasn’t going to be able to nap, but she had so much fun that she tired herself out and napped very well! The beds and pillows were super comfy.14332968_10102666731760040_3724989365170879989_nWe first went to the water park to before hitting the arcade after dinner. I loved that they had life jackets the kiddies (and that you didn’t have to bring or purchase one).20160919_160938For dinner, Pat ordered a pizza from “Hungry as a Wolf.” The pizza was a little pricey but was good, even Samantha gobbled some up.

After dinner, we went to the arcade and won some fun things for Samantha. We ended up missing story time, but managed to swing by for music time and relaxation by the fireplace.20160919_194317It was time to turn in for the night. We relaxed and watched some TV before heading to bed. I opted not to get the breakfast buffet because we knew there was going to be a fridge and microwave.

We brought cereal, fruit and other goodies. 20160920_125833Patrick did get me a pumpkin spice latte from Dunkin (which is inside the resort) as a treat! We went downstairs to the water park. Now it said on the door and on our room schedule that it opened at  9:00am.

By 9:20am, an employee had come down to change the sign and said it didn’t open until 10:00am. We were a bit upset since we had planned out the morning based on check out time (11:00am).

Pat and I went to talk to the front desk and they offed us a late check out (2:00pm) and credit for the arcade while we waited for the park to open.

I’m sure if it was summer, we probably wouldn’t have received such a great compensation. 20160920_102348We stayed at the park for another couple of hours before heading upstairs to allow Sam to nap.

While she was napping, we packed up and relaxed. I was a little worried that we weren’t going to enjoy it too much because we had Samantha. 20160919_165735There were only a couple things Pat and I couldn’t get on because you needed two people and she was too small to ride. There was a single slide and tube rides for us to enjoy. Not to mention the wave pool, lazy river and water play area for kids.20160919_163252Overall, the Gendrons had a blast on their mini family vacation. Pat liked it so much that he said he wanted to make it a yearly [or every other year] adventure!

Question: Have you ever been to the Great Wolf Lodge? If so, which one and how did you like it?

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