Samantha {12 Months Old}

Our “not so baby” girl turned a whole one year old on August 6th.13962749_10102626797972670_5126688078771877970_nWe made it through the first year. She grew from six pounds to twenty and from 18 inches tall to 30! 13934822_10102616453358360_8169598819087040644_nWe couldn’t be more in love with our summer love bug.FB_IMG_1470688125919Her birthday was Elmo themed as she is obsessed with the monster and anything red.13975433_10102616453787500_4814578181214728686_oShe didn’t want to eat her cake but she did decide to naw on her Elmo car and animal crackers. 13962803_10102616453882310_5856164550045106744_oSamantha’s current favorites BESIDES Elmo?

The Beach.IMG_20160818_171435Fisher Price Musical Lion Walker.20160813_181910Apples & Sneaking Food Out of The Fridge. IMG_20160815_171113Baby Backpack Walking.20160815_111423My GymIMG_20160811_194220An old favorite but we took a summer break!20160814_094257Marshmallow 2-1 Flip Open Sofa.20160809_204944Though it is Elmo, she is obsessed with having her very own couch.

Can’t wait to see what this second year brings. 🙂


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