FFavorites #1: July Favs!

Happy FriYAY. 😀

This is my first Friday Favorites on this blog and I am super excited to recap some of my favorite moments, finds & such of July. Tomorrow my baby girl is going to be ONE. Where did the time go?

  1. NYC trip: It was a smooth ride with the babe to and from NYC. 20160711_115928I got to hang out with my family and Sam got to visit the Bronx Zoo, Playland the beach, eat some Spanish food. Fun week!20160711_141220

2. Canobie Lake: The fiance and I had on overdue date together and we went to Canobie Lake! My first time there. Both of us hadn’t been to an amusement park in years, so it was fun to feel like a kid again… without the kid. 😉IMG_20160721_2148143. Chobani FlipHoney That’s Nuts! There are times where I like having Greek yogurt for breakfast if I know I’m going to have a busy morning. This Chobani Flip kept me full and fueled for almost the whole morning.20160802_075736

4. Core Hydration Water: I love that it has electrolytes + minerals and has the perfect pH to balance your body. I save these for those super hot, muggy days.IMG_20160729_132347

5. Fruit Picking: We went raspberry picking early in July and blueberry picking yesterday at Smolak Farms. 20160804_100958Nothing like getting your fruit straight from the source!13512001_10102573927071380_940931602135429243_n

6. Breakfast Dates: Let’s face it… it’s too hot to cook all the time. Sometimes Sam and I would go out for breakfast dates [sometimes Dad would come too]. It’s always nice when someone else cooks for ya. 😉20160717_083512That’s a wrap of my recap for July favs. There were plenty of fun things over the last month, but these are the things that stood out the most. favoritesI’m linking up with Heather over at Life In Leggings. Thanks for hosting!

Question: What was YOUR favorite thing about July 2016?

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