Samantha {10 Months}

Samantha turned a whole TEN MONTHS this past week. I can’t believe out little bug is almost a year old.20160607_154211 I am recapping some of current Samantha’s favorites [and mom’s too].

Let me be the first to tell you, I dislike summer. But I LOVE the vibes. They are simply marvelous; the sun, the beach, ice cream galore & cool evening strolls. 20160607_154410-1So I bet you are wondering, where is it that you DISLIKE summer?

The weather. Anything past 75 degrees is torture for me. I dislike sweat (unless I’m in a spin class). But other then that, summer is fantastic, especially when the babe gets to splash and hang in her mini pool. #jealous.20160607_134715We also started going to My Gym a few weeks ago to have fun, get same some exercise and play. 20160603_123256A great place to hang out if the sun is beaming, not to mention they get to work on things such as balance and other skills!20160610_123830Speaking of balance, we also have a “Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe” rocker that helps her with balance. Not to mention is plays some fun tunes for her.20160614_090742-1Samantha is eating a variety of things; arrowroot cookies, chicken, turkey, wheat bread & pancakes, waffles, strawberries, raspberries, spinach & kale (in puree), mango, kiwi, pears, pasta, coconut milk and MORE! 20160614_090650-1When we are on the go or it’s a late night from work, it’s easy to whip one of these Gerber pasta pick-ups! She will have them alone or with strawberries on the side.20160614_090555-1She absolutely LOVES reading. We love the Sophie the Giraffe “tab books,” as it makes her feel like she’s really helping mom turn the pages!20160614_090841-1Samantha also got Baptized before she tuned 10 months! Word to the wise, next time we will definitely do it before baby turns 4 months.Sams baptism She was very fidgety and cranky since she just wanted to crawl around.  A wonderful day with family (love my brothers), but a tough one. 😉20160605_135518What are some of your babies current favorites?

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