“Spring into Bootcamp”

Hello weekend!

Can you believe summer is RIGHT around the corner?

Currently, I am running a Bootcamp challenge group and some of the ladies are doing my Bootcamp workout program! The Bootcamp workouts are designed with moms in mind who may not have an hour to get to the gym or prefer to workout at home.

Today I am sharing a sample workout from the program – it is similar but not the exact one! No equipment is needed and modifications are possible (example do rapid squats instead of jump squats).

Now lets whip you into summer shape, shall we?

***14316947_10102662949824070_6457485910711807340_nFunctional-Circuit Training Workout

Set a timer; perform each move for one minute, then move on to the next. NO REST in between each move [if you can], IT IS Bootcamp!

Once you complete all moves, rest for one minute and repeat one more time through for week 2 then two more times during weeks 3 & 4. We are going for how many repetitions you can do for TIME. If you need to rest, pause for a second then KEEP MOVING!

  1. Mountain Climbers 
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Squat Hold
  4. Plank Jacks
  5. Burpees (modify if needed)
  6. [Alternating] Curtsey Lunges
  7. Push-Ups
  8. Tricep Dips (use the end of a sturdy chair, sofa, etc.)
  9. Knee-Ins
  10. Bicycle Crunches


If you are interested in my Bootcamp program, you can always contact me via FitCoffeeMom15@Gmail.com.

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