9 Months Old & Current Favs.

Good morning friends!

Tomorrow Samantha will turn 9 months old. 20160503_192732Nine months! Just about the same amount of time she was almost done growing inside mommy’s belly. ❤

Today I thought I’d share some recent favorites & finds of mom and baby. These products have been used almost every day.20160505_091135-1NurturMe Eco Reusable Pouches: We have a ton of jar foods! I wanted to use them up (for on the go), plus save some money on buying pouches. I found these on Jet.com for $5.99 for 3. 20160419_075623Each pouch can be used up to 15 times! In essence, saves you 45 pouches. You can use them for smoothies and even liquids (though its a little messy).20160503_082135Fage Crossover Greek Yogurt: Sometimes I need something quick for breakfast and need to eat something in 5 minutes before a client. I recently found these in the grocery store (there are a few other flavors, even savory) and love this flavor.20160503_082349It keep me full for a good couple of hours. If you spot them in your grocery store, try them out!20160505_091212-1Munchkin Click Lock Flip Straw Cup: We’ve tried various different sippy cups for Sam. So far this has me the most “successful.” 20160505_095656-1She’ll slurp out of the pouches, so I figured this would be easier. She still won’t use it much, but it’s a start.20160505_091344-1Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies: We’eve tried a couple of the flavors but so far she loves the cinnamon maple the best! These dissolve very easy so I feel okay to do dishes/ cleaning while she’s in the high chair next to me.

Other snacks she’ll have are yogurt bites, fruit or rice rusks.13133232_10102521548288880_6833252542587988877_nKashi Chocolate Almond Butter Cookie: As for mom’s snack, I almost always need a chocolate fit and something dark chocolate doesn’t cut it.

I found this flavor of Kashi cookies and keep them handy for when cravings hit, plus the fiber helps keep me satisfied!Thinking-Out-LoudI’m linking up with Amanda for thinking out LOUD Thursday. Hope you are having a fabulous week!

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