TOL #7: Protein Finds & Play Space.

Happy Thursday folks!20160424_184839-1Dropping in to say hello on this lovely Thursday via the “coffee net.” Kidding. All jokes aside, coffee fuels me.20160420_080141I’ve been thinking about focusing on me as I mentioned in my last post. I finally got my schedule [mostly] situated and have days off again!

I recently found a new fitness studio called Studio Poise in Lynnfield, MA. 20160421_095107So far I’ve only tried one class. I purchased a 5-pack so once I complete them (planning on a class a week), I share my thoughts!20160421_095117I’ve recently introduced Quest bars into my life.

With a baby, they can get pricey and if I can spend half the price on another bar (love Luna protein) I’ll do it. 20160414_122446As you can probably see, I popped into GNC and took advantage of their “buy three get one free.” Got a few Quest bars and this Coconut protein water. 20160422_154934It was really delicious and something I would try again (when I have some extra spending cash aside from Starbucks). How’s this for a play space? She loves it!20160422_154158Speaking of delicious, I’ve officially tried out the Crock Pot . So far  just make chicken but wow it was so good!20160416_190617Guess you could say I’m officially “mom status.” 😉

I’m linking up with Amanda today for Thinking out LOUD Thursday. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!Thinking-Out-LoudQuestion: Are you a Crock Pot user?

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