TOL #6: Happy 8 Months!

Whoa now, where did 8 months go?20160405_164340-1.jpg I know it probably seems like nothing. I’m sure my mom asks “where did 27+ years go” for myself. 20160405_164900-1But seriously… feels like time is flying with this pumpkin.

Samantha can stand pretty well and pick herself up. Not crawling yet but she does a butt scoot and plank!12924615_10102497263880030_289449440078785306_n We’ve added some chicken, chia seeds and black beans this week to her diet and she loves them! Favorites still sweet potato, mango & apples.. oh and Elmo of course.20160403_181458-1She can say mama and papa, loves to play with her picnic basket and has learned to fake cry when she wants attention or when we say no. Houston we are in trouble.20160406_094839-1Now that I am 8 months postpartum, I feel good. My workouts are coming along and I have the strength I did before I  was pregnant. I’m proud of my progress; slow and steady wins the race.20160405_075152-1My eating has been more on point and I’m making sure to fuel myself right so I have energy to take care of her. That’s most important.20160404_115400-1Of course, having plenty of coffee during the week DOES help. Love me a spinach & feta wrap in the morning!20160401_165714And chocolate

I’m linking up for thinking out LOUD Thursdays. Hope everyone is having a great week, thanks for hosting Amanda!Thinking-Out-LoudQuestion: What’s your go to breakfast as of late?

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