MIMM #6: It’s The Simple Things.

Happy Monday folks!

If you’re in the New England area like me, your Monday is going to be filled with snow. It was just sunny and cool the other day. 20160401_180207-1.jpgBlah right? Ain’t nothing a marvelous cup o’ Joe can’t fix. 20160403_083612Or a quick and simple breakfast. 20160331_091231Or chocolate. 😉20160401_165714Samantha has been loving her Stonyfield pouches for breakfast (about 3/4 of the pouch). They are marvelous, quick and simple on a busy morning. 20160331_091924-1Speaking of busy, I found this marvelous flavor of “to-go” oatmeal by thinkThin. Was so delicious and I love that they use real vanilla.20160403_083535I also found a new YouTube channel for yoga; “Yoga with Tim Senesi.”20160331_192939It’s super good for me since most of the times that I want/ can take yoga I am either working or having Samantha with me.20160401_104500We do have fun plenty of together. Especially on our marvelous Starbucks snack dates. 20160401_102935And that’s a wrap for this post! I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in Monday. Thanks for hosting!MIMMQuestion: Tell me something that’s marvelous for YOUR Monday today?

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