MIMM #5: Cleaning Up “Shop.”

Happy Monday folks. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a fabulous start to the week!

Marvelous is… The weather this weekend. It was such a beautiful weekend here in New England last, this girl got to go to the zoo. Though she didn’t get it much, it was nice to go out and get fresh air with friends!20160311_113404Marvelous is… seeing ab definition. I’ve been working hard at the gym the past few weeks and trying to clean up my diet to see those gains. My workouts are still pretty much the same, which you can view here.20160313_125333-1 (1)Marvelous is… Electrolyte Packets. These packets were only $0.49 at Whole Foods, just mix into a water bottle and go. Now I can carry less and fill up a bottle at the gym. #winwin.20160312_091451Marvelous is… an empty super market. I got to do a little grocery shopping on Sunday and I think that everyone was still sleeping in. It was AWESOME.20160313_105124Marvelous is... Udi’s gluten-free everything bagels. I’m trying to clean up my diet free from most gluten since I do have an intolerance. I just choose to suffer, smart right?20160313_111752-1I’ve been feeling foggy, so I am cutting out my allergens/ intolerance a bit. They are [in case you are wondering] peanuts, wheat, corn, sesame seeds, chicken, green beans, all fish/ shellfish (which I don’t touch at all). 20160313_113609These veggie burgers have both wheat and corn, so I’ll have to put them on the side for a bit. 

Marvelous is… mushy avocado. I’ve been starting to like avocado these days and I found these packets. 20160313_112810I’m 9/10 times always on the go, so this is something both Samantha and I can share. It’s literally JUST avocado.20160313_112836I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!MIMMQuestion: What’s one of YOUR favorite on-the-go snacks?

Are YOU an avocado fan?

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