MIMM#4: Happy 7 Months!

Happy Monday folks!20160305_103209 It’s been a crazy week. Can we say #gains? #sevenmonthsPOSTpartum.

Marvelous is… this babe! She turned Seven Months on Sunday. Like whoa, wasn’t I pregnant last year?! 20160306_115352-1Oh yes I was and clearly don’t remember a thing from it. 20160306_115355-1Which is good, because pregnancy was tough. 20160306_115521-1Marvelous is… getting back on my gluten-free wagon. I do have an intolerance to gluten but I chose to just take probotics to easy the stomach pain and they do help.20160306_073503-1But I’ve just been feeling too foggy, so I am going to at least cut the cereal and donuts. Cookies? Well I can always make my flourless cookies or head to Starbucks for some.

Marvelous is… getting organized. Remember my making habits post? So I decided to go through Sam’s clothes and organize them. 20160304_152116-1She’s fitting into 12-18 month clothing these days, so I got to organizing 24M to some 3T items we have.

Marvelous is… this guy. I love watching them both interact. He is such an amazing father to our pumpkin!20160305_145854Marvelous is... Plum Organics! Since we still haven’t retried the green beans/ peas and the babe and I are always on the go, these veggie combos are awesome. She gobbled this combo right up!20160303_134144Marvelous is… yogurt melts. We ventured into these this weekend and she didn’t like them at first but after a few tries, she loves them. I like to have things on hand for her. 20160304_145955-1Of course she id still taking about 4-5 bottles depending on the day and if teething is really bugging her.20160303_154320I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday. Thanks lady for hosting. :-DMIMMQuestion: What’s YOUR favorite on-the-go item or snack? 

What’s YOUR BEST organizing tip?

4 thoughts on “MIMM#4: Happy 7 Months!

  1. Oh man, so jealous of your organized clothes!!! I just had to go through my first son’s old clothes for this new baby boy, and I wish i had organized the clothes we had for him like that – it would have saved so much time!! As for his clothes he still doesn’t fit into… definitely not organized!

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    1. Thanks! It took a while. I keep organizing then having to go back and double check so I kept wasting time!!! So I decided to just do this and now way easier. The bags are sheet bags one of my friends gave me when she bought new sheets for her massage studio. I have more just need to organize those 🙂 it’s hard!


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