MIMM #3: Breakfast Lately.

Happy Monday y’all!

Can you believe it’s almost March? Literally where did the first two months of this year go? I feel like with a baby, time is going much faster then when I was solo or it was just Pat and I.20160226_140732It’s marvelous and bad thing; Bad because I want time to stop to enjoy moments more but marvelous because I want spring/ summer to come to take Samantha to the zoo, farm and such. Not to mention enjoy iced coffee without freezing my bum. 😀20160225_094925-1Marvelous is… free food. I love my iced coffee and it’s rare I’ll use a free reward for a drink, unless I’m craving a latte. I usually go for a sandwich or a protein box. They are too pricey for my taste, but free is always good.20151120_141204_zpsjuwehijaMarvelous is… a new cereal find. I had a coupon for $1 off a Kashi Cereal and they were on sale at my supermarket. Picked up this one and I love it. I mix in a little cranberries, sunflower seeds and soy milk. Delish!20160225_075737-1Marvelous is… a muffin find. I recently found Quaker’s frozen muffins. I am not a fan of eating many frozen things but you know what? Sometimes its just needed, especially since I am always on the go.20160225_143133-1 I had a mean craving for a donut and I ate a warmed muffin with some peanut butter & blackberries and boom. Craving satisfied!

Yesterday, I had a rare occasion where I didn’t have to be on the go in the morning and I got to enjoy a nice waffle and maple sausage breakfast. Iced coffee on the side, of course! 20160228_082318-1Marvelous is… progress! I reached my pre-pregnancy weight on Feb 8th. I’m on route to lose the last “5lbs” that will get me to where I was feeling my best at around 158lbs. 20160227_100104-1I reach 160.5lbs yesterday morning. I do feel good where I am at now; weight wise. I know toning up and working on building lean muscle is more beneficial at this point. I’m on to another round of Bootcamp tomorrow! bootcamplogoYou can join me too! Just click here for more info on my virtual coaching program.MIMMI’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Question: What do YOU enjoy for a big Sunday breakfast or brunch?

Favorite Spring activity?

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